Statement from Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Regarding Student Danger

By: Robert Vadas, Woodlands Online
| Published 03/28/2019


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tx - Multiple schools in Conroe ISD, along with a few private schools in The Woodlands, went into various types of lockdown today, after suspicious messages were found on social media.

The following information was posted on the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Facebook page:

'There are some new messages circling social media saying schools are being placed on Lock out or Lock down due to the social media post from this morning.'

'Private School administrators met with law enforcement professionals to discuss the matter. Ultimately the determination to place a school on lock out or lock down was left up to the respective school administration. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office will support our school partners any way we can.'

'Some schools have chose to do a lock out which means classes continue as normal, but no visitors will be allowed during the time of the lock out . All exterior doors will be locked, and entrances/exits will be monitored by school staff.'

'If a school chose to do a lock out, it was only for a small time period. Conroe Independent School District is not on lockdown or lockout. Please check with your child’s individual school if you have any questions.'

'There has been no new threats, nor is there any more information on the previous social media post from this morning.'

'Sheriff Rand Henderson and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office are committed to working with our school districts to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and visitors.'

If students know any information that would help authorities, they are urged to call Kid Chat at 1-888-543-2428.

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