Tech Mahindra and Maxxsure host cyber security, risk management forum in The Woodlands

By: Jessica Fraser
| Published 04/07/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- In a growing digital landscape, many companies are asking the vital question - what is the possibility that I could lose my company due to cyber threats? Tech Mahindra, a company that recently moved to The Woodlands, tapped into this pulsing question at their recent cyber security and risk management forum.

April 5, Tech Mahindra hosted the first of many lunch and learn events, introducing themselves to the ever-growing business community in The Woodlands area. The lunch forum, in which they partnered with Maxxsure, focused on cyber risk management.

“Teaming to improve the security of our clients is a key objective for Tech Mahindra, which is one of the reasons we are teaming with Maxxsure to mitigate cyber threats,” Larry Deckerhoff, AVP/Client Partner of Tech Mahindra, said.

Guest speaker Clint Bodungen of Threatgen, a renowned expert on the subject, spoke at the event. Bodungen discussed financial risks, the impacts of cyber security threats, and risk tolerance evaluation. Multiple IT and executive officials, including Praxair and Lone Star College, were in attendance. Bodungen delved into information these companies were eager to receive.

According to their website, Tech Mahindra “represents the connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences enabling Enterprises, Associates and the Society to Rise™.” Partnering with Maxxsure, a cyber security company, proved beneficial for all involved.

“It's been a pleasure to work with Tech Mahindra, especially in The Woodlands community,” Srik Soogoor, Co-Founder and President of Maxxsure, said. “The Woodlands is a great place to launch this program. Maxxsure is able to provide what companies are looking for in the cyber security sector. We are at the forefront of the advanced technology needed for the protection of the energy industry. M-Score, our proprietary measurement,. is a cyber risk quantification score that establishes a risk score for companies and can also help companies with insurance for cyber risks. We are launching M-Score for OT and ICS in the next three months.”

With the revelation of more and more cyber security threats happening with both big and small businesses alike, Tech Mahindra wants clients to know the buck doesn’t stop with just being an IT company. It’s about a comprehensive approach to the digital world.

“The more and more IT and OT are converging, we are expanding our business operations and the security risks. And Tech Mahindra leverages advanced technology and AI to do the tracked analytics to identify the problem before it attacks. Tech Mahindra also has risk assessment solutions to provide the best risk mitigation plans,” Manoj Gupta, Senior VP of Tech Mahindra, said.
John Czapko, America's VP of Enterprise Security and Risk Management of Tech Mahindra, said it’s all about perspective. Protection of a client’s information is just as important as protecting the assets of the company. “We have to think how do we protect our reputation and our information?” he said.

The news lately is littered with stories about users’ information leaking or not being well protected. Tech Mahindra and Maxxsure’s partnered luncheon aimed to create a marketplace of information, dialogue and solutions.

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