Scam Alert from Montgomery County Sheriff Office

By: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
| Published 04/10/2019


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX --Several law Enforcement Agencies in Montgomery County has received several reports from citizens getting calls from people claiming to be Law Enforcement and demanding money for warrants. The scammers will have some personal information about the victims to bolster their credibility and scare them. The scammers then tell the victims to stay on the phone an demand that they go to stores and get various gift cards to pay for warrants.

Law Enforcement does NOT call and request payment by gift cards and will never tell you to not hang up and call back. Scammers will often spoof legitimate numbers and use real Officers names, so call the department's main line and request to speak with dispatch.
Conroe Police Department, Texas dispatch 936-522-3200
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office dispatch 936-760-5800

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