Christmas Cookie Decorating at Over The Top Cake Supplies

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 12/25/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- When presented with the opportunity to attend a cookie decorating class at Over The Top Cake Supplies I immediately said, “yes!”

The day of, I showed up to class, put on my apron, and sat down with the other attendees, all of us happy and eager to learn. As soon as we were settled, our instructor, Classroom Manager Leslie d’Agrella went over what the next two hours entailed.

Placed in front of each of us was a piece of wax paper with six perfectly baked cookies on top: three sweaters, two circles, and one mitten. Leslie taught us how to cut our piping bags, and detailed the amount of pressure to apply to get the perfect proportion of icing. In simple steps, she walked us through each cookie. The sweaters we decorated with a Christmas tree, a snowman, and a candy cane, the mitten we adorned with an intricate snowflake, and the two circles became holiday wreaths complete with M&M lights and an icing bow.

Every person left the class with a smile and sprinkle-covered cookies perfect for any festive occasion. Molly Brenan, who attended with her daughter, said that being able to dabble in something new was her favorite part. She enjoyed it so much that she plans to do it again with her grandchildren!

At Over The Top Cake Supplies, the classes cover more than just cookies - some cover cakes, cupcakes, and even cake pops. There are three-week classes as well that are more in-depth. The three-week cookie class goes over how to make the icing, how to roll out the dough properly, and various decorating techniques. At the end of the three-week cake class, participants go home with a two-tier cake of their creation.

There are a lot of winter-themed classes come January and Valentine's Day-themed varieties start in February. For a calendar view of all the classes you can enjoy, go to

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