Woodlands Prep Online Learning

By: Myrnaliz Neco
| Published 03/20/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The COVID-19 crisis has greatly impacted our community. Due to these ongoing and very serious issues, we are all struggling to adapt to the changes it has brought into our everyday lives. Many schools are going to be closed for a long period of time, which affects our children's learning.

We want to offer our free support to all of the families in the Woodlands school community, by providing learning alternatives to those who do not have access to their learning centers. Our teachers and staff have created an online lesson program for grades K-12, with the aim of contributing to the academic continuity and continuous development of our children.
This is a very challenging time for all of us, but we must remain optimistic and help each other in times of need. Even as we deal with the difficulties of this crisis, we are hopeful that a brighter future is yet to come.

If you think others can benefit from this online lesson program, please kindly share these links in your social media platforms to reach more families and children.

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