Stuck at Home? Get Creative with Your Health

By: Jennifer A. Lopez
| Published 04/01/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - Many people seem bummed about the mandatory stay at home orders in effort to slow the spread of the COVID19 pandemic. And it’s probably easy to be bummed right now considering every aspect of life has changed for the interim. So why let this virus get you down?

Just because you are bored at home, does not mean you are stuck. You can still maintain your health and fitness goals by being CREATIVE….

Creative with food! Creative with exercise! Creative with your health!

Your body needs vitamins and minerals more than ever to help fight this virus and other diseases.

· Grocery stores may be limited on fresh fruits and veggies right now but they still sell potted vegetables, seeds and herbs. Perfect time to start a garden or yarden.

· Don’t forget about canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, just be sure to choose low sodium and no sugar added options.

· Add a little spice to your life! Look through your spice drawer to see what spices can be added to meals, baked goods, smoothies and shakes. Spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper, and garlic are great immune boosters – also great for fighting inflammation!

· Stay away from sugary drinks that provide empty calories and a hungry belly. Drink plenty of H20 to stay hydrated.

Your body was made to move. Many people claim they don’t have time to workout but since most are now working from home, how much commute time are you saving?

Replace your commute time with move time!

· Stretching is important to maintain range of motion. Start and end each day with a 5 minute stretch.

· Have a marathon of conference calls lined up? Pick a common term used at work or within your industry and each time you hear that term, perform 10 squats.

· Get outdoors for fitness, fresh air and vitamin D. Gather the family and go for an early morning jog or after dinner walk, just remember the 6 foot rule.

· Give body weight workouts a try. They are effective for maintaining strength and aerobic health and don’t require anything but your body. Examples are squats, pushups, burpees, lunges, and yoga. To increase intensity, incorporate your stairs, a bench or chair.

· Not sure what to do? Google it! There are plenty of online resources to teach or simply provide a workout routine. Or give interactive video games and virtual sports a try.

Try our tips and let us know what you think. Not only will your body thank you for taking good care of it, your mind will be happy too.

Now is the time to be diligent about your health and wellness goals. Now is the time to maintain a positive attitude and get creative for our physical and mental well-being.

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