Local Doctors Using Breakthrough Treatments, Pain Management Education to Help Chronic Pain Sufferers Through the Pandemic

By: Sherrie Handrinos
| Published 09/23/2020

3R Regenerative Repair & Relief’s Dr. Edward Nash uses regenerative medicine to treat the chronic shoulder pain of Retired NFL Linebacker Eric Hill.

THE WOODLANDS, TX - Approximately one in five Americans, roughly 50 million people, suffer from chronic pain and the pandemic has complicated pain management and treatments for patients.

Doctors Jeffery Pruski, D.C., and Edward Nash, M.D., pain management and regenerative medicine specialists at 3R Regenerative Repair & Relief (3R) in The Woodlands, have been working to grow awareness through education during National Pain Awareness Month to help chronic pain sufferers safely manage pain through the pandemic and evaluate available treatment options.

“Chronic pain is a complex multidimensional experience that often compromises one’s ability to work, sleep, interact with others and perform simple daily activities,” said Dr. Pruski. “The pandemic has taken a mental and physical toll on all of us, but the stress and isolation, combined with limited availability of pain management treatments, have been especially hard on those who suffer from chronic pain. We’re hoping to help chronic pain sufferers better manage pain and improve their quality of life right now with Telehealth consultations and education on diet, exercise and breakthrough treatments that treat the root cause of pain, instead of treating the symptoms with traditional surgery and opioids.”

Doctors Pruski and Nash use a combination of long-lasting, non-invasive modalities approved by the FDA that are helping keep people out of the hospital during the pandemic, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, breakthrough regenerative medicine treatments and biological therapies that use the body’s own healing capacity to regenerate healthy cells to relieve pain and inflammation, speed recovery of injured or damaged areas, and improve quality of life.

Dr. Pruski believes more people are choosing regenerative therapies over traditional treatments out of concerns with opioid addiction, visiting hospitals during the pandemic, and because, compared to surgery, there is no trauma to the body, no anesthesia, no cutting of the skin or foreign implants; all of which pose additional health risks, especially for seniors and immunocompromised populations.

The doctors at 3R are focusing on office-based treatments, with extreme COVID-19 safety precautions in place, that can help provide long-term pain relief. While treatments vary for each individual patient, they are seeing very successful outcomes treating patients suffering from chronic pain with the use of new advanced technologies and interventions like Regenerative Injection Therapies, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapies and Hako-Med® therapy, which stimulates the nerves to provide muscle re-education and pain relief for a variety of degenerative joint conditions and nerve problems, along with muscle work, massage therapy, nutritional tips and home exercise.

Dr. Pruski said the additional stress of the pandemic, along with isolation, limitations on non-emergency medical care and food choices, all contribute to elevated levels of pain for chronic sufferers. The doctors at 3R have been providing information on what foods to eat, and avoid, for inflammation, a main driver of pain, along with tips for sleep, exercise, stress relief, self-care, and ways to connect virtually with support groups, friends and family to help cope with feelings of isolation.

“Our entire focus is preventative and regenerative care so that patients of all ages and all activity levels can maintain a healthy, pain-free life, especially while we’re battling this pandemic,” said Dr. Pruski. “The advancements in research and technology allow us to accomplish natural healing and pain management goals for patients in the most pain-free, non-invasive way possible. Most treatments last less than 30 minutes, require nothing more than a Band-Aid, with no recovery or down time, and you can drive yourself home.”

Most insurance companies cover the majority of treatments at 3R Regenerative Repair & Relief, however coverage for biologic injection procedures may vary from policy to policy.

For more information on pain management and telemedicine consultations at 3R please visit https://www.3RRegenerativeMedicine.com.

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