Local TV Show Lineup: Woodlands Online's Exciting Community ROKU Channel

By: Billy Adams
| Published 01/29/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- ROKU, like other streaming devices, has made viewing online content easy and convenient. Within minutes of downloading their app, you are ready to watch one of your favorite sitcoms or digest one of the newest political punditry shows available. ROKU is a platform that allows you to connect to the content that means the most to you. It is with that goal in mind that Woodlands Online developed a new and engaging ROKU channel to allow The Woodlands community the ability to connect to the local content they find the most useful and informative.

The Woodlands Online TV ROKU Channel

Over two years ago, a new channel was developed on ROKU called 'Woodlands Online TV'. This channel allowed the community to watch live CISD High School football broadcasts and checkout news about local athletes. What started out as a way to watch full-length football games quickly turned into something much bigger. It ushered in a period of hyperfocused local content to showcase The Woodlands area news, events, entertainment, sports, real estate and shopping.

New Shows and Ongoing Production of Local Content

After the initial launch, additional shows were added to the Woodlands Online ROKU channel. From cooking shows to videos highlighting advancements in medical technology, Woodlands Online TV offers viewers a front-row seat to the best that The Woodlands has to offer.

Our current lineup of shows on Woodlands Online TV includes the following:

Woodlands Online Sports - Watch everything from full game broadcasts and sports highlights to interesting commentary on local area sports and athletes.

Between The Trees Business Talk - Woodlands Online and The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce has partnered to bring you the best and most interesting interviews with local and state community leaders.

House N Home - This series covers real estate, home improvement as well as products and services that benefit your home and family.

The Best You - A unique online series that explores new advances in medical technology, products, services, and people that promote lifestyle improvements and healthy living.

The Taste Buds - If you ever wanted to learn more about a local restaurant before you tried one, this is the series for you. We send two local foodies to various restaurants to check out new cuisines, interview restaurant owners and give their opinions on the tastes of The Woodlands. You will truly eat this series up.

Nerd News Now / Kingdom of Geekdom - From the latest video games to the latest movies, Nerd News Now is your go-to place for all things pop culture in The Woodlands.

Glory To God - On The Go- Getting into the word of God, practicing your faith, and drawing closer to Christ is the theme for this series. Check out this show for inspiration and encouragement.

Music Cafe - Experience the many talented singers and songwriters living and working in The Woodlands area.

Purple Politics - Civil discourse is the aim of any conversation involving politics. Check out this political series that brings together representatives from the Republican and Democratic parties and helps move forward the important discussions of local, state, and national political topics.

Texas Storytellers - Texas is known for having the biggest of everything. Stories of the great state of Texas is no exception. From local authors to local publications, Texas Storytellers takes you on a literary journey into what makes Texas, Texas.

Know The Why - The Woodlands YMCA showcases various exercises and fitness programs geared towards younger kids in this series. From swimming to karate and everything in between, Know The Why covers them all. A great series to watch if you are interested in starting your kids in a fitness or sports program.

The Production House - There are few things more entertaining than talking about popular movies. This show goes in-depth with the background, history, and creativity required to produce a major movie.

Cooking From The Cuff - Local foodie and chef Wayne Schilleci demonstrates techniques and processes for cooking the most delicious and popular dishes around. From Portobello demi-glazed tenderloin puffs to his famous homemade bread, Chef Wayne Schilleci brings the heat in this popular cooking series.

How you can get the Woodlands Online channel on your ROKU device

While you are in your ROKU device, go to the ROKU home page and in the right-hand column, scroll down to the options button 'Add Channels'. Click on that button and then scroll down to the option to 'Search Channels' option in the left column. Type in the term 'Woodlands Online TV' to find our channel. Click on the option in the far right column to add the Woodlands Online TV to your home screen. Once added, you are ready to start enjoying the best local video series in The Woodlands.

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