New Caney Teen Electrocuted While Replacing Banner

By: Steven Squier, Specialist
| Published 05/26/2021


NEW CANEY, TX -- On May 25, 2021 at about 9:20 PM, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office assisted EMS personnel in responding to the 17500 block of FM 1485 New Caney, Texas, to a reported electrocution. Upon arrival, first responders learned that a 17 year old male may have made contact with power lines while attempting to setup a business style banner that was knocked down by recent storms. The banner was made with a metal pole that conducted electricity from the overhead service lines carrying 20,000 volts, and caused the male to collapse and stop breathing. Nearby citizens started chest compressions, which were continued by EMS for nearly 20 minutes until a pulse was established.

The male was transported to a nearby hospital where he was listed as being in stable, but critical condition.

Representatives from Entergy explained that such high voltage flowing through the wires creates an electrical field surrounding them, and that physical contact does not need to be made with the wires for an electrical charge to jump to a conductive object. We would like to remind the public to take time to look around the area you may be working in, and be aware or power lines, gas lines and other possible risks prior to starting any work.

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