New Danville Shares Gift of Appreciation With the Community

By: Dion McInnis
| Published 05/27/2021


WILLIS, TX - “It has been a challenging year for everyone. Amidst all the feelings and frustrations, New Danville would like to share with the community an inspiring, motivational presentation about life and living. Now seems the right time to do it. This is our thank you gift to the community that has been so kind and generous to us over the years,” says Eva Aguirre, CEO of New Danville.

New Danville is a nonprofit rural community for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Recently hired development director, Dion McInnis, created a presentation titled Live, Learn, Work, Grow…Wisdom from Under the Windmill. “It didn’t take long on the job to realize the important lessons revealed on a daily basis by the Wranglers, staff members and volunteers who comprise the New Danville family,” he said.

The presentation reveals 15 nuggets of wisdom, explained with stories gleaned from life at New Danville. “The gentle, clear reminders are important to businesses, associations, organizations, clubs, church groups…any group of people who want to improve their outlooks on life and apply simple guides to have a happier, more focused, inspired life,” McInnis said.

The first guide that came to his mind was “You don’t have to be perfect,” according to McInnis. “None of the messages are earth-shaking or unheard of lessons,” he said, “but they remind us all of what makes life and living more enjoyable, loving and compassionate. The world can never be reminded too much of such things.”

To book McInnis’ presentation, contact him at or 936-253-5757 x 1008. There is no charge although a donation to New Danville would be appreciated.

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