New Danville visits Conroe City Council, announces annual Christmas Market

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 11/30/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – New Danville, a locally based nonprofit organization that serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and those needing similar services, recently sent a delegation of ‘Wranglers’ to Conroe City Hall to see local government in action, and to meet Mayor Jody Czajkoski, City Administrator Gary Scott, and Conroe City Council members Howard Wood and Curt Maddux.

The group, led by Mariann Cano, had a delightful experience during the tour of the mayor's office, with Mariann expressing her joy at getting the chance to shake hands with Czajkoski. A favorite part of the tour included the room where the mayor conducts press meetings, providing the group with a fascinating glimpse into the city’s governance.

“The mayor’s kindness stood out as he not only shared insights into his professional life but also generously offered his contact card, encouraging questions and communication,” said New Danville representatives in a statement. “Marianne was especially intrigued when the mayor shared a picture from his younger days in the rodeo, adding a personal touch to the visit. Enthusiastically, she expressed her desire to return for another tour, highlighting the positive and engaging nature of her visit to the mayor's office.”

Founded in 2005, New Danville serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a rural environment promoting dignity, respect, and the opportunity to live enriched and purposeful lives. The organization’s day program and residential community were developed to empower and maximize personal independence by offering learning opportunities that reinforce personal growth and freedom of choice.

Additionally, New Danville representatives announced that the annual LARA Christmas Market is coming December 5, from 12 noon until 2:00 p.m. At this event created by a group of avid supporters from the Legally Authorized Representative Alliance, New Danville clients will have the opportunity to shop, at no charge, from a variety of wonderful items to give as Christmas gifts to family and friends. Their gift selections will then be wrapped and tagged so they will be ready for the recipient to open on the big day.

“Thank you to the LARA Group and all those who donate to make this the high point of the New Danville Year,” said New Danville in a statement.

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