HS Football: Grand Oaks Secures Win By Halftime

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 09/18/2021


THE WOODLANDS -- Grand Oaks continues to dominate the off-season before district but it’s without fault. According to head coach Mike Jackson, despite all of the great things the Grizzlies are doing they played “sloppy,” which is the least of their concerns. This game against South Houston was scheduled over 2 years ago when they were a young starting program with a small roster. 2 years later they are a powerhouse dominating their easy non-district schedule.

The first half was all Grand Oaks scoring quickly and often on most of their possessions. The South Houston Trojans didn’t have an answer to their offense, especially their unique hurry up offense. This is something unique of Grand Oaks where the center lines up and at the last seconds just before they are about to hike the ball, they line up and go. This confuses players and creates a distraction which is part of the reason why they scored 37 points in the first half. The Grizzlies held South Houston to only 6 points as they left the field.

Coach Jackson said with no disrespect, “we haven’t played anybody, when we set this schedule up we weren’t as far along as we are.”

Coming into the second half is where the team started playing sloppy as coach Jackson put it. Neither team made it to the endzone in the third quarter which was polar opposite from the first half. It seemed like the secondary offence was out on the field but that was not the case.

“We played sloppy and I think that was indicative of how we practiced this week. We had that off schedule day with the weather [Hurricane in the Gulf] and I just don’t think we played real crisp.” Said coach Jackson regarding the overall game.

Final score was 51-12 Grand Oaks over South Houston. They are set to face Chavez next week before their district opener against College Park.

When asked if they were ready to face college park Coach Jackson said, “Not the way we played tonight.”

A win is a win no matter how its achieved, but tonight overall Grand Oaks didn’t seem to play at 100%. Next week is another chance to tighten things up before the real test.

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