HS Football: The Woodlands Win Big in Their Final Non-District Game

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 09/24/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX –- It was another non-district game for the Woodlands Highlanders but for the unknown team from Mexico this was the big leagues. Football changes south of the border and is hard to find teams who want to play and that can play American football. This game was 2 years in the making because of schedules, visas and of course the pandemic ruining all events.

Although the team from Mexico seemed put together and legit, there were questions in the air because it was hard to find any information on them other than a couple of social media accounts. Coach Rapp mentioned that he was in communications with a representative of the team but unfortunately lost all contact after a while.

“It’s kind of hard to prepare for someone when you know so little.” Said Coach Rapp as the Highlanders exercised and warmed up on the field.

Fortunately, they showed up with gear in hand ready to play a football game. Win or lose they were in high spirits because they were in a new country playing a game they love to play. And it showed at the end of the game as they took pictures in full gear in the middle of the field. The Highlanders were already out of the stadium and each member of the MX Football Academy took their turn taking photos to remember a great day.

It was an easy game for The Highlanders after 2 brutal weeks with some of the top teams in Texas. Bridgeland and Katy banged up the Woodlands so this game was a good relaxed game to take their starters out so they could rest up and heal before district starts.

The Highlanders came out aggressive and swinging in the first quarter because of the unknown team. Was MX Football a team of high valued recruits, or were they a group of college ready kids wanting to learn football? Fortunately for them, it was the latter and the highlanders steamrolled their way to a huge win in the first half. Scoring 41 points in the first half they decided to take their starters out and have everyone play.

“To go through the kind of grinder that we did in the first 4 [games], Im happy for all the kids to have an opportunity to go play.” Said Woodlands Highlanders Head Coach, Coach Rapp, about all of his kids being able to play.

The Woodlands Highlanders shut out the MX Football Academy 62-0. They have a by-week before district starts but then it’s all business after that. Willis will be their first opponent in the district opener.

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