HS Football: Oak Ridge Gets the Win in Last District Game

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 11/05/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- For the final district game, Oak Ridge will host Grand Oaks in this friendly rivalry called ‘Battle of the Oaks’. This is only the second time these two teams faced each other and the younger school came up on top; Grand Oaks. This year, Grand Oaks has a bigger team and filled a couple of holes from last year. Oak Ridge has the same bruit force offence and defense put on by years of experience. Many alumni have gone on to become professionals in their career and in just a few short years Grand Oaks should produce the same.

The first half of the game was non-stop action as Grand Oaks grabs the lead first, scoring quickly and stopping the Oak Ridge momentum. Unfortunately for the Grizzlies, the War Eagles didn’t want to end their season with a loss so they fought hard and put up a brick wall on defense to stop the Grand Oaks momentum. It all started with Myles Terry putting pressure on Grizzlies quarterback Jacob Smith resulting in a couple of sacks. Secondly, the War Eagles posted up two touchdowns before halftime giving them the lead for the second half.

Talks of Conroe and Willis started to buzz around the stadium and get into the ears of Grand Oaks. If they were to win tonight, as well as Conroe, they were in the post season playoffs with The Woodlands, and College Park. It’s a tough district and being last doesn’t mean you are a bad team; it just means that these power house teams posted more points. In the case of Oak Ridge, the ball just fell short and as a result they lost 4 out of the 5 district games.

Coming out in the second half, it was once again pressure on Grand Oaks while Oak Ridge made some, for lack of a better word, lucky, plays. With one of the last lucky plays going to wide receiver Jaquale Harrison, who tipped the ball and caught it diving towards the ground. This is how the “Battle of the Oaks” went for Oak Ridge. Everything fell into place and they looked like a completely different team.

As the final seconds counted down, Oak Ridge took a knee and let the last seconds tick off the clock. Winning the last game of the district and knocking Grand Oaks out of a playoff spot. Neither team would be showing up in the playoffs but it was a spectacular game to witness. Many huge plays on either side and Oak Ridge’s defense showed up and put on a show.

Final score was Oak Ridge 21, Grand Oaks 14. Next year will be here quick and each team must rebuild from all the seniors leaving the teams. This could create a new power house in the district and showcase a new leader. The Battle of the Oaks III might have a different turnout but there will always be a friendly rivalry.

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