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By: Billy Adams
| Published 11/23/2021


THE WOODLANDS,TX -- Coffey Anderson is one of those unique personalities that not only entertains at concerts, but also inspires everyone he comes in contact with. Starting as a YouTube sensation at the age of 20, Coffey defied the music industry norm by declining to sign with a record label and deciding early on to create and market his music independently. With a unique gospel country sound, he has blazed a new path that future performers can follow. His career focuses on family-friendly entertainment, honoring our military, reliance on God and complete ownership and direction of his music. We sat down with Coffey Anderson to talk about his background, how he started in music and his success as well as his November 26 concert at Dosey Doe - The Big Barn.

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When up-and-coming artists pursue a career in music, the goal is normally to sign with a big record label. Coffey decided to take a different route. He grew up in Texas and was influenced in music by his family. He mentioned that his grandfather was part of a gospel quartet that sang throughout East Texas and Louisiana. Coffey was also a stand-out basketball player while in high school. He had a love of music and would sing in church. One year, his buddy asked him to enter a talent contest at school. With his eyes closed, he began singing the first verse. When he opened his eyes, he noticed many in the crowd were crying. They stood up and cheered his performance and, from that point on, he knew that he would pursue a career in music.

He attended Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas and, while still playing basketball, he also performed at church and school. He borrowed a guitar from his girlfriend’s dad and taught himself how to play basic chords. Within 90 days from picking up a guitar, he was asked to open at college for a Christian band called Mercy Me.

At 20 years of age, he recorded his first album independently at a recording studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He relocated to Tulsa initially to help a friend plant a new church. While there, he paid $65 to record eight songs. He purchased several 50-count spindles of recordable CDs at Walmart and proceeded to his buddy’s house to burn songs to those CDs. He then started playing at the local park. He said that he wasn’t into the bar scene so he believed it was a better idea to bring his music directly to families at the park. While kids were playing basketball and families gathered to have fun, Coffey would play his music. When people asked to buy his CDs, instead of setting a price, he asked for donations. He told them to donate whatever they thought the CD was worth. He started getting donations ranging from $10 to $50.

His friend had an audition in Los Angeles that year and Coffey was asked to go with him. After the audition, his friend ended up leaving town while Coffey decided to stay. He secured a $35 permit that allowed him to perform as a street vendor in Santa Monica, California. He said that he went to the local Guitar Center and purchased a small sound system and, with his country ingenuity, he cobbled together a little mixer and a speaker plugged into an amp. The entire system was plugged into a boat motor inverter. He setup a table that showcased his CDs and printed a signup form to collect names and emails. That year, he was able to raise nearly $90,000 and also collected approximately 16,000 emails.

Around 2007, he was introduced to YouTube and realized that he could post videos of his music and direct people to donate to him though his video channel. This helped reinforce his ability to manage his music career independently. He started building his YouTube channel by uploading one video a day for the first 70 days. He covered various songs and posted original music that he had written himself. From Christian songs to country music, to a song that showed off his rapping skills, Coffey established himself as a YouTube sensation. Coffey mentioned that a video is considered viral if it generates more than 100,000 views in a 15-minute timespan. He said that his channel had nine videos that fell into that category. His channel was so successful that it generated more than $13,000 the first week. Currently, his videos have received over 800 million views. There been over 113 million streams of his music over the last 18 months. Additionally, his wedding song, titled “Better Today,” was ranked YouTube’s Number 2 song right behind Drake’s single, “Fancy.”

In addition to his success in music on YouTube, Netflix took note of his talent and signed a deal with him that allowed him and his wife Criscilla to star in a reality show about their life called Country Ever After.

Coffey Anderson is known for family-friendly entertainment. He said that his concert is part storytelling, part singing and part comedy. He took hold of a niche that focuses on wholesome, encouraging and God-honoring entertainment. He said that many artists are sometimes expected to use vulgar, insulting and misogynistic language in their music to better appeal to the public. He didn’t want to take that route and decided to make sure that his music was clean and family friendly.

Coffey has performed on Fox and Friends, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, CMT, BET, TBN, NBC, and countless stages. He became known for making people laugh with jokes, and enthrall them with his golden voice. Since his stint on NBC’s Nashville Star, Coffey typically performs 2-3 shows per week, from small stadiums to rodeos, from coffee houses to bars and taverns, and from large weddings to intimate private events. Coffey has found his niche in a variety of atmospheres across the world. A fan favorite, Coffey appeals to all markets with his down-to-earth charisma, southern charm and comedic personality.

Coffey is also a huge supporter of our military. He has partnered with great charity organizations such as Keegan's Promise and the Military Warriors Support Foundation based in San Antonio, Texas in order to help raise funds to award mortgage free homes to wounded war heroes. After the tragedy in Kabul, Coffey went on TikTok to let the public know that he would fly anywhere in the country to sing at the funeral for any serviceman or servicewoman who died during that attack. Through various connections, Coffey was able to attend and sing at eight different funerals.

Don’t miss the chance to hear and meet Coffey Anderson this Friday at Dosey Doe Big Barn.

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About Dosey Doe

This 165 year old historical structure has been saved for its current purpose. Originally built as a tobacco barn in Kentucky, the 300-600 year old growth oak and birch massive beams are the foundation not only for a beautiful room for also for great acoustics. It is a place where memories are made. No need to run from restaurant to music hall, as here you have it all.

Their entrees are 'cooked from scratch' based on the season, special offerings of purveyors with the type of music of the night in mind. Their task is to offer a meal that would be the reason in and of itself to visit Dosey Doe. The presentation is note worthy and the creations are featured in several Cook Books from Canada to Texas.

Nationally recognized artists from around the world dominate the calendar here: from Jerry Jeff Walker to The Rippingtons, Dave Mason to Lee Roy Parnell, Clint Black to Bela Fleck, Leon Russell to Spyro Gyra, Steve Wariner to Hayes Carll, Roger Creager to Mel Tillis, Manhattan Transfer to Gallagher... up very close and personal. Most artists will stay to have photos taken and give autographs after the show. Many very rarely do it anywhere but here and almost everyone says it is one of their favorite rooms to play.

'I have played them all, big and small, but I have never played a place that sounds as good as Dosey Doe!' - Gary P Nunn

'I will gladly tell anyone that Carnegie Hall cannot compete with Dosey Doe,' - Michael Martin Murphy

'One of my all time top 5 places to have played,' - Marcia Ball

Come early and enjoy the room. Filled with Americana artifacts from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, there is plenty to see. Your hands touching the hand-hewn 2000 lb barn beams, your eyes filled with art, artifacts, signage from a simpler time, your taste buds excited from salad to dessert, and music so pure - up close and personal... all designed to 'Take You Away' and create a memory you will keep.

The BIG BARN is home to great causes such as RETT and SWING FOR A CURE; benefits where proceeds go to help children's illnesses. The BIG BARN is available for large wedding receptions, corporate functions, birthdays and anniversary parties.

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