HS Basketball: College Park Runs the Boards Outscoring The Woodlands in Rival Game

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 01/07/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The War in the Woods always attracts huge crowds and this year didn’t disappoint. The Woodlands student section traveled from across Research Forest Drive to cheer on their team at College Park High School. As for College Park, they look to add another win to their record and stay undefeated in the district season.

As the player introductions began, the gymnasium roof was busting at the seams from the student sections going crazy for their team. This continued throughout the first quarter as College Park struck first keeping The Woodlands off the scoreboard for the first couple of minutes. The Cavalier defense put up a brick wall right from the beginning which made the Highlanders struggle to get clear shots on goal. This continued through the second quarter with Darel Reece (#4) leading the Cavalier charge. With the defense stopping the Highlander attack, College Park was able to capitalize outscoring the Woodlands and giving them a huge 14-point lead at the half.

The Highlanders needed to change up their strategy against the Cavaliers so they can see more clear shots on goal. The Cavaliers were shutting down the passing lanes and once again kept the brick wall up. But The Woodlands came out with a different game plan out of the locker room. They became the aggressor and Shey Eberwein (#2) would go off scoring 12 points in the 3rd, an additional 6 in the 4th and running the boards for The Woodlands. Unfortunately, College Park built up a lead and The Woodlands' run would be short lived. Although The Woodlands would outscore College Park in the 3rd, the Cavaliers' kept the lead and posted up 57 points to The Woodlands 49.

This is not going to be the last time they face each other during the season. The Woodlands would face College Park once again later this month (Jan. 2022) as well as in mid-February. As the season progresses so do the players and teams, this rivalry only gets better the later in the season. It is a friendly rivalry but arguably the most anticipated games if the regular district season.

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