HS Basketball: College Park takes Second Round of the War in the Woods

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 01/27/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX –- Finally, second match up of The Woodlands Highlanders and the College Park Cavaliers, which is known as the “War in the Woods”, is here and is always a good game no matter what sport. The rivalry between the two schools has been going on for years and is only getting better and better as the years pass. Although a friendly rivalry, games tend to get heat and are arguably the best games of the season.

Ty Buckman and company came off strong against The Woodlands offense by playing a man-to-man coverage which forced The Woodlands to make tough shots and bad passes. The ultimate threat for the Cavaliers was Shey Eberwein, the 6’2’’ combo guard for the Highlanders. His speed, ball control and shooting accuracy is something that need to be controlled or the game could get lopsided in a matter of minutes.

“If we could take him [Shey Eberwein] out of the rhythm, we can take the rest of the team out of rhythm.” Said Coach McNeely of the Cavaliers. He continued, “Shey is a hell of a player, he’s going to get his but if we can disrupt him somewhat so it takes all the other guys out of rhythm then we have done our job.”

As the final minutes of the half count down College Park found themselves with a comfortable 10-point lead. The Woodlands struggled to make the connection to the basket while College Park faced a strong defensive opponent. Typically, College Park would have many more points on the board but they also struggled to get points and had to be more strategic in their shots on goal.

As the second half began The Woodlands found themselves in a huge deficit and a tall hill to climb as College Park only pressed harder and forced more turnovers. It wasn’t as much of a physical game but there were some questionable fouls and even some that didn’t get called. The Woodlands struggled with the College Park defense but in the 3rd they were able to pop off 12 points thanks to a 3 by Justin Sheldon and a couple of free throws.

In the final quarter, College Park started to get a little sloppy but quickly tightened up and started to guard man-to-man. The Woodlands once again struggled with the pressure from the Cavaliers but was able to match College Park’s 9 point quarter. Unfortunately, the Cavaliers outshot the Woodlands which kept then in a comfortable lead throughout the game. The War in the Woods ends with The Woodlands, 40 and College Park 52.

College Park and The Woodlands are set to face each other for their final War in the Woods clash. Mark your calendars for Feb.12 at College Park for the finally.

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