HS Girls Soccer: The Woodlands Lady Highlanders Chalk Up Two Goals at Woodforest

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 03/06/2022

Oak Ridge host The Woodlands at Woodforest | 03.04.22

The Woodlands, TX -- The girls soccer season is coming to a close and all of the teams are rallying up to get their final wins in hopes of making it to the playoffs. The Woodlands Lady Highlanders visited Woodforest Stadium Friday night to match up against the Oak Ridge Lady War Eagles.

During the first half Ellen Parssons 'Yassified' a goal to make the score 1-0. With the aggressive style of The Woodlands, there is always room for improvement. 'We are trying to spread the field more. We are trying to open up more opportunities offensively...and [also] playing as a unit.' said new head coach Frankie Whitlock.

After halftime, each team came out firing with The Woodlands once again making a connection due to a penalty kick. Katherine Williams slams the back of the Oak Ridge net to make the score 2-0. This would solidify the win for The Lady Highlanders as they move on to play Grand Oaks Tuesday night.

'We are excited to be playing them again. You play everybody twice for a reason. And we're very excited,' said coach Whitfield. 'We want to play people at their best. We want to beat people at their best because we don't get better if we don't. And we are very excited'

The Lady Highlanders made it all the way to the state quarterfinals last year but unfortunately fell to a tougher opponent. When asked about playoff predictions, Coach Whitfield said, 'One game at a time.'

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