Woodlands local leaders reflect on the passing of Queen Elizabeth

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 09/08/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Thursday, September 8, 2022 marked the death of Elizabeth Windsor, the Queen of England who ascended her throne in 1952 at the age of 25 upon the passing of her father, King George VI. For seventy years, she ruled England through war and peace, times halcyon and grim, and somehow managed to keep the monarchy relevant and popular through scandalous incidents and eras.

Here in The Woodlands, her passing had a profound effect on many people. Woodlands Online reached out to several local leaders to learn their thoughts on the venerated monarch.

Julie Ambler – Head of School, The Woodlands Christian Academy
I think that we all knew this day was coming, but I admit to feeling heartbroken. I had the opportunity to see the Queen twice in my life when I was growing up, and she has always been a role model to me and someone whom I greatly admired. She will be deeply missed.

Lt. Cmdr. Ronald M. Thompson, USN & RN (Ret)
I knew her passing was inevitable, but tears immediately filled my eyes. My time seconded to the Royal Navy was a wonderful experience in my professional and family life.

Zach Richmond – Owner, Richmond Realty Group
Today is definitely a hard day. It’s one that the world will not forget; this will be written in the history books. And as tough as it is, you get to honor her and her legacy in what she has been able to accomplish. I think that’s the most impactful thing about today – we get to honor somebody that has impacted everybody’s life on this planet whether they realize it or not. Most people know of her, but those who have followed her know of her long history of legacy and the monarchy of England will continue to its next exciting ventures in the best way possible. Today, however, is a day to be marked where we’ve lost an historical figure who has shaped the world.

Denton Florian – Director of Public Relations, Spirit of Texas (now Simmons) Bank & Filmmaker Historian
She was a world leader without peer. A friend of everybody from Churchill to Reagan to our current president. An irreplaceable loss.

JJ Hollie – President & CEO, The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce
I just think we’re all sad to see one of the world’s true icons pass on, one who has been Queen of England for seventy years and has been an example to all of us on how to lead her people.

Bruce Tough - Founder, The Tough Law Firm & son of Woodlands architect Colson Tough
This is a particularly impactful moment for me because I was on the HMY Britannia (the former royal yacht of the British monarch) having a private dinner only four days ago. I was actually there looking at photographs and I sat in the Queen’s favorite chair when she would go visit the commander of the ship; I even have a picture of it. We were talking with this group about how we felt her presence in the ship because it had all the photos and they were playing the traditional music as we dined in the dining room that the Queen herself had dined in. So it’s significant to me today that she’s passed; we knew that she was ill. Blessings to her and her family.

Elizabeth’s eldest son, Charles, has ascended the throne as King Charles III. Woodlands Online extends its thoughts to the British Royal Family and all of Elizabeth’s subjects.

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