HS Football: New Caney Takes Down The Woodlands in Second Half

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 09/16/2022


NEW CANEY, TX -- The Woodlands Highlanders traveled to Randall Reed Stadium, home of the 3-0 New Caney Eagles. After a huge win against Willis, the Eagles look to keep the streak going against CISD powerhouse, The Woodlands. The Highlanders look to add to their victories after defeating Oak Ridge.

From the kick off it was evident that defense was going to be the game. To the novice football fan, this was set to be a boring game but to the avid football fan, there was so much going on that at times it was a game of inches.

The back and forward battle went on until five minutes left in the first quarter as Jason Williams, wide receiver with The Woodlands, tip toes in from two yards out to give The Highlanders the lead.

New Caney would inch their way down the field and eventually get stopped by The Woodlands defense. On the other side of the ball, The Woodlands would struggle to connect passes. Mabry Mettauer would try to connect with Quanell Farrakhan but it would be just out of reach.

With four and a half minutes left in the second quarter the momentum shifted as a loose ball was recovered by The Woodlands on their 36-yard line. But once again New Caney would stop the Highlanders and take over with just a couple minutes left in the half.

After trying to punch through The Woodlands defense, Kedrick Reescano finally was successful with a short run touch down. Unfortunately, the ball was mishandled on the extra point and was missed making the game 7-6 with less than ten minutes left in the game.

Another back and forward between the teams but it was New Caney that would inch their way down the field and eventually find themselves deep in the red zone. Quarterback Nehemiah Broussard would try to run it in but fell a half a yard short according to the refs.

A couple of plays later wide receiver, Eric Sanchez, would cross the goal line giving New Caney the lead. Attempting a two-point conversion resulted in two penalties but was successful making it a full touchdown lead.

With less than two minutes left in the game New Caney would kick off and recover it solidifying their win after two knees.

New Caney would take down The Woodlands 14-7 and stay undefeated for the season. They are now the team to beat in the 13-6A district.

New Caney Head Coach Travis Reeve after the game was emotional as he said, “I’m just feeling a sense of pride. Our kids fought extremely hard and they earned this victory.”

After being asked who would get the Game Ball, he responded, “I’m giving the game ball to the whole football team…it was a great team effort.”

New Caney is set to face Oak Ridge at Woodforest Bank Stadium next week.

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