“Speakeasy” and carry a big drink – Dosey Doe’s newest dining experience opens on the “down-low”

By: Billy Adams
| Published 10/21/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – If you’ve lived in or visited The Woodlands for any length of time, you’ve heard of Dosey Doe. From showcasing nationally known music artists at The Big Barn to presenting amateur open mic nights at The Breakfast, BBQ & Whiskey Bar, or making what some may call the best coffee in the area, Dosey Doe has made a name for itself not only locally, but around the country. The Woodlands staple has a grand tradition of providing quality food, world-class music, and above all, great dining experiences. You can’t eat at a Dosey Doe establishment without leaving a little happier. 

And that happiness is part of why Steve Said, owner of Dosey Doe, has spent countless years trying to bring to The Woodlands “dining experiences like no other.” Steve’s newest experience, the Dosey Doe Speakeasy, is something you just don’t want to miss. The trick is, ironically, you have to find it first.

The new Speakeasy is an extension of Dosey Doe’s Breakfast, BBQ, and Whiskey Bar. This addition to the established venue opened on October 21. In the tradition of secret drinking establishments that sprung up in the Prohibition-era 1920s, called speakeasies, Dosey Doe went to great lengths to take their patrons back to the age of carefully guarded drinking rooms, flamboyant flappers, and underworld personalities. Said recently invited several guests for a sneak peek at the private secret rooms. The lucky invitees were treated to a special, one-of-a-kind moonshine to drink as well as hors d'oeuvres and a guided tour. 

Steve’s wife, Joan, was proud of the result of the hard work needed to get the Speakeasy operating. “We opened this room basically for that wow factor and because it is something we need in The Woodlands. It is a place to hold rehearsal dinners and smaller banquets and for folks to just come and enjoy.” 

What is interesting about the speakeasy is that you would never know it exists. There are no signs or indications that there is another set of rooms on the other side of the whiskey bar. We can’t tell you the secret way to enter the room, and entering the room requires the use of a secret hidden door, but safe to say, if you visit Dosey Doe’s Breakfast, BBQ & Whiskey Bar, a fellow patron might share the secret with you. And be vigilant to keep the word of this secret drinking room out of reach of Eliot Ness and his Untouchables. You never know who’s listening. 

Eat great food, choose from one of the largest assortments of drinks in the area and hang out in the secret Dosey Doe Speakeasy. 

We’ve managed to smuggle out some photos of this secret, underground speakeasy. Click here to view our photos. Shhhhhhh!!!

Click here to learn more about Dosey Doe.

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