CISD Position 1 Candidate Evan Berlin Focuses on Entire District

By: Evan Berlin Campaign
| Published 10/23/2022


CONROE, TX -- Conroe ISD Board of Trustees Position 1 candidate, CISD graduate and Conroe resident, Evan Berlin, believes students, educators, and parents deserve a board that represents all of CISD.

“I have met with students, parents, and educators across the entire district, and I know the needs greatly vary - even just east of I-45, south of 99, north of 242, east of 1314, and east and west of I-45 in Conroe,” Berlin said. “Students at a school just a few miles away from another school experience education and resources differently, and we must make sure all needs are met across the entire district,” Berlin said.

Berlin believes some schools and communities in CISD do not get the appropriate level of attention, and he is intent on serving the entire district as an unbiased and fair CISD Trustee.

“In my more than 20 years of education and community advocacy I have worked with students of all ages and all abilities, and I have witnessed first-hand the positive impacts on students and communities when each receives the appropriate representation and attention,” Berlin said.

Berlin grew up in The Woodlands and now resides in Conroe. He is passionate about delivering the high-quality education CISD students require and deserve, and he believes his experience with The Woodlands schools, and currently underrepresented CISD schools, will allow him to serve with a district-wide perspective.

“Serving all is about showing up, being actively engaged in the entire community as a Trustee and community member, and seeking opportunities to improve the educational experience,” Berlin said.

The district includes 67 schools across 348 square miles and five larger communities as well as several smaller towns and communities.

Evan Berlin is running for CISD Board of Trustees Position 1.

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