CISD Trustee Position 1 Candidate Evan Berlin Addresses Fentanyl

By: Evan Berlin Campaign
| Published 10/21/2022


CONROE, TX -- CISD graduate, Conroe resident, and education and community advocate, Evan Berlin, believes fentanyl should be part of the security strategy in Conroe ISD.

“We are facing a major safety concern with fentanyl, and I know the safety of our students and educators is a top priority in CISD,” Berlin continues, “and while safety is a top priority it is how the district responds that truly matters,” Berlin said.

Berlin believes CISD must have a comprehensive focus when it comes to safety, which includes adding fentanyl as a serious threat to students and the community and developing actionable and measurable programs to combat the threat of fentanyl.

“When I met with Texas A&M AgriLife last week, I was extremely impressed with their programs and the ability to tailor them to the needs of each audience,” Berlin continues, “their programs are grant-funded and delivered for free,” Berlin said.

Berlin acknowledges that parents play a large role in educating their children about the dangers of drugs, and believes the district must increase resources for parents.

“In addition to educational resources for parents, it is critically important we provide our teachers and educators with training to identify signs of substance abuse so that everyone who supports our students has the same information, can identify early, act quickly, and save lives,” Berlin said. “It is also important we remain aware of our students who are at-risk or have low parent involvement - we cannot rely solely on parent education to help save the lives of our students,” Berlin said.

Evan Berlin is a candidate for CISD Board of Trustees Position 1 and has more than 20 years of experience in education and community advocacy.

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