Celebrate ARTFEEL at Hughes Landing Bandshell Nov 5th

By: JennyCarattini-Wright, CFEE
| Published 10/25/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Bring your chairs and picnic baskets and head to Hughes Landing’s Bandshell to celebrate Memorial Herman’s Canopy Cancer Survivorship Center’s recently installed Sound of Healing art bench, which overlooks beautiful Lake Woodlands!

Sound of Healing was created by local artists Michelle Old, Kevin Giusepetti, Stacy Moore, and Derek Giuseppetti and shepherded by The Woodlands Arts Council’s (TWAC) Public Art Committee.

The bench is made of wood and aluminum tubes. The artist's statement for the piece describes the location of the bench as a place to experience calmness, contemplation and healing through sound. At the same time, the design was intended to put the beauty of the community on display and show how individual pieces can come together to form a symphony.

“It’s our honor to gift this powerful public artwork to The Woodlands,” smiles Marcella Herrera, Canopy Program Director for Memorial Hermann Health System. “The artist's goal was to create a work that embodies the journey to healing so it’s not surprising we absolutely love how the chime sounds remind us of the bell ringing that joyfully marks the completion of cancer treatment.”

“We are all trying to heal from something,” explains Nickole Kerner Bobley, founder and host of Artfeel. “We thank The Howard Hughes Co. for sponsoring the show at the art bench site itself.”

On stage, Kerner Bobley will be joined by co-hosts Gideon Bustamante (aka The Painter), who will sing, and David Deveau will dance and encourage audience participation in this robust contemplation of this new artwork.

“Artfeel is the perfect way to support our mission of providing regional cultural and educational enrichment to our community,” says Jenny Carattini-Wright, CFEE executive director of TWAC. “We do this by producing the Fidelity Investments Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival, presenting public art, and hosting community events and programs supporting the performing, visual and literary arts.”

Sign-up to share your artfeel of Sound of Healing by registering your performance at Hurry! These coveted spots will go fast!

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