HS Girls Soccer: Grand Oaks Claims Another Win Against College Park

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 02/16/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The Grand Oaks Lady Grizzlies hosted the College Park Lady Cavaliers on a cold Thursday night. Grand Oaks looks to keep their winning streak alive while College Park hopes to upset the home team. Grand Oaks is coming into this game 6-0 with two ties and College Park comes in 4-2 also with two ties on the books.

In the first half Grand Oaks dominated the field, keeping possession for the majority of the time. Although College Park would make a couple of cuts to the net, they were unsuccessful as the Grizzlies defense would stop them and force the turnover.

Grand Oaks was aggressive on the other end of the field, making many shots on goal, two of which found the back of the net. In both instances Maddie Bruegger was responsible for the points on the board. One came in the seventh minute and the other would coma later on in the 20th minute.

Going into the half, Grand Oaks found themselves with a comfortable lead and all they needed to do now was to tighten up their defense and prevent College Park from making any moves towards the net. College Park needed to regroup and find the defensive holes to make the cuts towards the Grand Oaks net.

In the second half, Grand Oaks would do exactly what they needed to do. Although College Park would have a couple of shots on goal, keeper Sophia Dean would make the stops needed.

Grand Oaks would make multiple attempts on the goal but the College Park goalkeeper would make some crucial stops to prevent them from increasing their lead.

Grand Oaks is set to face Caney Creek on the road while College Park hosts Cleveland next week.

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