Entergy Texas launches child savings account program

By: Entergy Texas
| Published 03/16/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Entergy Texas is excited to kick off a new child savings account program to help low- and moderate-income Texas families establish child savings accounts

he company will donate matching funds for eligible families

for post-secondary education. The first 1,300 eligible families who open Kids to College accounts will receive a $50 savings match from Entergy.

“Kids to College is an investment in the future of our young people and Texas,” said Eliecer Viamontes, president and CEO, Entergy Texas. “With these funds, not only are we
ensuring the next generation is set up for success, but we are also helping deliver a brighter future for the communities in which we all live and serve.”

A child savings account is a savings account designed specifically for post-secondary education. These accounts allow families to put money away for their children to attend
a two- or four-year college, trade school or technical school.

As a corporate leader and service provider, Entergy believes in the dreams of the families we serve. Everyone deserves the opportunity to continue their education, and we want
to partner with families to help make those dreams a reality. When a family plans for their child’s future by setting aside funds for college, that child is four times more likely to earn a degree.

Families may sign up for a Kids to College account for any child under age 16. Eligibility requirements to qualify for Entergy’s $50 match include:

• Must be an Entergy customer.

• Families must meet annual income thresholds of either $52,000 for single parent or guardian households, or $60,000 for dual-earner households.

• The child savings account must reach a $50 balance to receive the matching funds.

Entergy is powering Kids to College by dedicating matching funds for child savings accounts across our four-state service area. The program is made possible thanks to an endowment
fund created in honor of Entergy’s late Chairman and CEO J. Wayne Leonard.

Eligible individuals can sign up for a child savings account through the Kids to College portal at

For registration assistance, contact the Community Assistance Center at 936-494-4399 or

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