Law officers and community leaders plant pinwheels for Children's Safe Harbor

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 04/25/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Local nonprofit organization and child advocacy group Children’s Safe Harbor recently held its eleventh annual pinwheel display installation outside the Montgomery County Courthouse Annex in The Woodlands. Each year for this event, law enforcement, community leaders, and members of the public gather to plant pinwheels for a daylong display. Each pinwheel represents a child’s life saved by the efforts led by Children’s Safe Harbor. This year, 2,303 pinwheels were planted.

More than 2,300 pinwheels mark the number of lives saved from abuse and neglect

Victoria Constance, executive director of Children’s Safe Harbor, spoke to Woodlands Online about the event. “The work goes on and on, along with the incredible pride. This year, what we’re focusing on is justice, healing, and hope; that when abused and neglected children come forward with their courage to say what is happening, they are moving towards justice and healing and it gives our community and our families hope for the future,” she said.

Once again, members of a nonprofit organization called Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) attended the event. The organization of motorcycle-riding warriors hasmore than two dozen chapters in Texas, and each chapter has a level 1 adoption where a child is invited into a member’s family. There are 50 children per year in rgw Montgomery County chapter. The organization’s mission is to empower kids and to make them unafraid of the world in which they live, and to help them become kids again.

Dr. Ann Snyder, chair of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, hunkered down with everyone else to plant her pinwheels. “I’m here because it’s important to be here,” she said in an exclusive interview with Woodlands Online. “Children are the most vulnerable, especially those who are traumatized or abused. I’m thankful for the service that CSH gives to these young people, especially those who have had challenges at home or in other places. But what CSH does is it gives these children a voice. Also, their counseling and services allow these children to heal and be able to lead productive lives.”

Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable Ryan Gable led a charge of numerous members of his office. “Today brings in a huge number of pinwheels for the child victims that the organized efforts of Children’s Safe Harbor and law enforcement, CPS, and the District Attorney’s office do to protect our children in Montgomery County,” he said. “Today represents a special day commemorating all the children who were assisted and helped and guided through the process, hopefully on the way to full recovery. I think that the best thing that can happen is the number of pinwheels come down each year. But it’s a good day to show the work that we do in Montgomery County to protect our children.”

When asked about the importance of different agencies working together for the common cause of protecting and rescuing children in dire straits, Gable stressed, “The relationship between law enforcement and Children’s Safe Harbor is hugely important. It gives the opportunity for a family to come in and have access to all parties in that sort of investigation. Having Safe Harbor, law enforcement, and the justice system all working together is – as Victoria has said – a well-oiled machine.”

The display is up all day on April 25, and members of the public are encouraged to view and spread the word. Despite the success of the day, Constance emphasized the work is never done, and relies heavily on the community.

“Someone had walked up to me and said, ‘Look what you’re doing,’ and I had to respond, ‘No, look what we’re all doing; we keep going. There is the Bikers Against Child Abuse motorcycle organization, there are parents, there are board members, the medical community, elected officials and leaders, and the entire staff, all of them got up early today with joy, and these children will know that we care about them. Our community is really owning this, which is really a beautiful thing,” she said.

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