Visit Shenandoah Texas Moves Travel Forward This National Travel and Tourism Week

By: Billy Adams
| Published 05/04/2023


SHENANDOAH, TX -- National Travel and Tourism Week, (NTTW) the annual celebration of the contributions of the U.S. travel industry, will spotlight the essential role that travel will play in driving economic growth and innovation through the theme #TravelForward.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the annual industry celebration.

“The travel industry fuels every industry—our industry’s success is the nation’s success,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Geoff Freeman. “This week is a prime opportunity to elevate the message that travel is essential to moving America’s economy forward.”

Established in 1983, NTTW is an annual tradition to mark the U.S. travel industry’s role in stimulating economic growth, cultivating vibrant communities, creating quality job opportunities, stimulating business activity and elevating the quality of life for everyday Americans.

Travel serves as a catalyst for a productive U.S. economy and helps power the success of other industries. The U.S. travel industry generated a $2.6 trillion economic output in 2022 and supported 15 million jobs, fueling communities, small businesses and working families across the country.

Travel spending also generated nearly $160 billion in federal, state and local taxes in 2022—revenue that helped fund critical public services while saving each U.S. household an average of $1,270 in taxes.

In 2022, in Texas, the travel industry generated $91.7 billion in travel spending which resulted in a $187.5 billion economic impact to the Texas Economy (direct, indirect and induced). Additionally, 1.2 million jobs were created by travel (1 in 11 jobs in Texas were created by travel). Of that $91.7 billion in travel spending, 46% was by Texans in Texas, and 47% was by out-of-state US visitors to Texas, and 7% was from international visitors. That represents a 21.2% increase over 2021.

In 2022, in Shenandoah, the travel industry generated $72.3 million in travel spending (up 11.2% over 2021). It also generated 700 jobs (up 9.4% over 2021); $36.3 in Direct Earnings (up 17% over 2021); and more than $5.9 million in state and local taxes (up 9.4% over 2021). Local tax receipts generated by Travel Spending exceeded $2.1 million (up 10.3% from 2021).

Visit Shenandoah Texas is recognizing travel’s essential contributions by issuing a proclamation regarding the importance of the National Travel & Tourism Week, sharing social media posts about the importance of the travel and tourism industry to our city, and providing our hotel partners with new updated visitor brochures, tear-off maps, and some breakfast treats from local restaurants and food-related businesses to share with their staffs as a small token of our appreciation from Visit Shenandoah Texas for the contributions that they and their team make to our city and its economy.

Said John Mayner, director of Visit Shenandoah Texas, “Travel is at the heart of Shenandoah, powering a strong U.S. economy, creating jobs and strengthening our community’s culture and identity. This National Travel and Tourism Week, we are proud to celebrate all that travel does for our community now, and all that it will contribute in the future.”

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