MCTXSheriff Warns Residents of Scam Calls

By: Stephen Walker, Specialist
| Published 03/04/2024


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office issues a warning regarding a telephone scam targeting Montgomery County residents.

Scammers are posing as employees of the Sheriff's Office and calling citizens to demand a payment of $1,500.00. The scammer claims the payment is necessary to avoid being arrested for failing to respond to a Grand Jury summons. The scammer instructs the victim to purchase gift cards and provide them with the codes from the cards. The scammer is using a technique called "spoofing" to make it seem like the call is coming from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office phone number, so be careful and don't fall for this scam. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office advises anyone who receives this type of call to hang up and verify.

It is important to note that the Sheriff's Office WILL NEVER call and request that you transfer funds to pay fines or fees over the phone.

Here are some additional tips to remember regarding these types of scams:
• Be wary if you are being asked to act immediately. Scammers typically try to push you into action before you have time to think.
• The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office never calls or emails citizens to advise them of paying fines or fees.
• Never send money, account information, or gift card information to someone over the phone.
• To ensure you are truly speaking to a member of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, you should hang up and contact the main number directly, 936-760-5800 option 3 and then ask to speak to the law enforcement officer who called you.

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