Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office presents awards and recognitions for 2024 National Police Week

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 05/15/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Sheriff Rand Handerson recently presented the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Promotion and Awards Ceremony at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe. This event has been designed ot acknowledge those who have shown exceptional and outstanding merits that exemplify his goals for the agency. With each individual thoroughly reviewed and carefully chosen, Henderson has assigned those who were recognized to safeguard the community’s trust.

The ceremony also included a memorial tribute and wreath ceremony for MCSO Deputy Charles Rivette, who tragically lost his life in a vehicle crash while transporting an inmate in Centerville this past February.

Of the hundreds of awards, promotions, and citations presented, highlights included:

Employees with 35 Years of Service

  • Jimmy Malmay
  • Clarence Tidwell

Employees with 30 Years of Service

  • Billy Ballard Jr
  • Steven Dresel
  • Denise Jimenez
  • Kathleen McLaughlin
  • Mike Rogers

Employees with 25 Years of Service

  • Donald Golsby
  • Jeromy Howze
  • Tony Madison
  • Judd Russell
  • Philip Schumpe
  • Edd West
  • Leslee Zemlicka

Employees with 20 Years of Service

  • Beth Dunlap
  • Christina Harper
  • Christopher Hoffmeyer
  • Chad Jamieson
  • Willie Kendrick Jr
  • Scott Kurtz
  • Michael Page
  • Rex Simpson

Promotions in

  • Administration
  • Administrative Services Division
  • Executive Division
  • Finance Division
  • Jail Division
  • Homeland Security Division
  • Law Enforcement Services Division
  • Patrol East Division
  • Patrol West Division
  • The Woodlands Township Division


  • Community Action Partner Award – The Woodlands Church, Cashner’s Funeral Home
  • Professional Awards – Deputy Robert Burkett, Deputy Jakob Culver,Deputy Alex Wroski, Deputy-Specialist Jeff Lackey, Deputy Robert Burkett, Deputy Lizbeth Rodriguez, Deputy Jay Villalobos, Deputy Brandon Franklin, Deputy David Jessup, Deputy Luke Pickard, Deputy Sterling Willis, Deputy Shawn Yates, HR Manager Ashley Wiley, RTCC Manager Katricia Hortman, Sergeant Mike Evans, Sergeant Thomas Hudson, Sergeant Steven Squier, Deputy?Specialist Travis Wood, HR Specialist Bethanie Carr, Deputy-Specialist Caleb Cole, Specialist Miranda Hahs, Specialist Stephen Walker, Intelligence Analyst Jennifer Clausen, Webmaster Melissa Garcia
  • Compassionate Awards – Deputy Kyle Sullivan, Deputy Trey Coley, Deputy Jay Villalobos, Communications Supervisor Jodi Palmer,
  • Lifesaving Awards – Deputy Samuel Heaton, Deputy Ricardo Uresti III, Deputy AJ Smith, Deputy Jason Alvarez, Sergeant Andrew Besong, Detention Officer Lauren Johnson, Deputy John Cox
  • Meritorious Service Awards – Specialist Jordan Pankratz, Lieutenant Scott Spencer, HR Manager Ashley Wiley, HR Specialist Bethanie Carr, Deputy-Specialist Travis Wood, Background Specialist Doug Carr, Finance Admin Leslie Fields, Payroll Coordinator Amber Ivey
  • Unit Citations – Sergeant Jerry Guion, Deputy-Specialist Matthew Aaron, Deputy-Specialist Amy Blackwelder, Deputy-Specialist Anson Drake, Deputy-Specialist Ricardo Garza, Deputy-Specialist Shawn Beatty, Deputy-Specialist Justin Burk, Lieutenant Rico Cano, Deputy-Specialist Edward Fisher, Lieutenant Donald Golsby, Sergeant Jason Henson, Sergeant Brett Logan, Deputy-Specialist Cristian Lopez, Deputy-Specialist Luis Macias, Background Specialist Steven Ortiz, Training Operations Manager Daniel Pena, Deputy-Specialist Jordan PanKratz, Sergeant Christopher Roberts, Sergeant Margarito Rosales, Deputy-Specialist Steven Thomas, DA Investigator Brian Treille, Deputy-Specialist Eric Ward, Deputy-Specialist Carlos Tavarez, Deputy-Specialist Ryan McCarty, Deputy-Specialist Brian Aguilar

"It'sd a mixed emotion day. We began by combining a memorial service for National Police Week that we do every year with our awards ceremony," said Sheriff Henderson. "So for the beginning part, a lot of folks were here to pay remembrance to Deputy Rivette, and we were honored to have his family here and assure them they were a part of our Sheriff's Office family. But them we moved on to the super-proud moment of our awards ceremony. We had a very large ceremony today to honor those who showed valor and who went above and beyond their call of duty, particularly with the death of Deputy Rivette. And then we had our traditional promotions, where I love pinning on their pins and badges."

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