Ratings of Bradbury Brothers Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical

Don't bother with the monthly contract
I've used Bradbury Brothers for several years and they've done major work in my house during that time. After they re-piped the entire house (much needed), they convinced me to sign up for their membership program with a lot of promises that I'm not confident they have ever lived up to. The latest example was the free HVAC check included in the program.

Unlike most companies that will give you a reasonable 2-4 hour window all they would provide me was assurance that a technician would be at my house sometime yesterday demonstrating absolutely no regard for my personal time or inconvenience. When the service was finished, the technician went out and sat in his truck and began working on his computer preparing paperwork without taking the time to explain to me what he'd found. After waiting 20 minutes, I had to go out to the truck and tell him I had other commitments. He said he'd only be another 5 or 10 minutes. I repeated that I had another commitment and he told me he'd email me a report but would not tell me what he'd found, if anything, when I asked. He did, however, as do all Bradbury technicians, find time to try sell me something. In this case it was a $400+ UV light bulb that I'd already told the previous technician I wasn't interested in.

When I received the emailed "report" there was no narrative, just a paper listing a $200+ part that I assume they wanted to sell me without providing any explanation. I called the office after receiving the email to ask for an explanation. The person who answered the phone gave me a very polite "that's not my job and I'll have the right person call you. He then went on to say they normally return calls within 1-2 business days. I responded that if I didn't get a call the next morning, I intended to drop my membership. I explained my dissatisfaction with the level of service I was receiving and he said he'd include that in my file. No one bothered to call and I cancelled. They can't say they weren't warned.

When you have a Bradbury technician come to your house you can pretty well be assured that he's going to try to sell you something. You may actually need it or you may not but you can count on a sales pitch.

I don't fault the quality of their plumbing or HVAC work but while they make an effort to come across as a professionally run business, you can't always count on it. I'll probably continue to use them even though they are quite expensive but I won't be bothered with their membership subscription again.