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I Paid Bradbury Brothers Plumbing For a Lot More Work Than What I Needed
We had a clogged kitchen sink drain. We then hired Bradbury Brothers (BB) to clear the drain clog. They ran a snake through the clog and then did a simple visual inspection (i.e. shining a flashlight and looking down the drain pipe) where he saw water was still left in drain pipe and said it was "Back Pitch", meaning the water wasn't draining. He did not try running a little water to see if it would actually drain. His diagnosis instead was that it was a broken pipe because he could still see standing water. Actually, I came to learn later that such is absolutely normal because there was a P-trap.

I asked him to confirm with a camera, but his 'Large' camera could not get through the medium-sized sink drain pipes, and the company's 'Small' camera was broken. This was an issue from the beginning as the first service call from BB was supposed to include a visual inspection by camera that was to be included in the 'drain clean out and inspection' service call... Since they didn't have an operating camera, at the time the Service Manager offered a follow up camera inspection if necessary at no additional charge... After clearing the drain, and without visual confirmation from a camera, Bradbury estimated the additional repair at ~$1800 to 'repair the broken pipe'... Based on Bradbury's 'supposed' expertise, we decided to have them do the additional work; to repair the broken pipe.

Before the follow up appointment, we again discussed the repair to be done with the service manager, requesting that plumber would first confirm that the repair was indeed necessary with their Smaller camera, but learned that it, like the larger camera, it too was also broken. As I didn't want to delay the repair because I had no use of the kitchen sink, and after further discussing the issue with the plumber himself, after his assurance that based on his experience, he was certain there was a problem with a broken pipe, I allowed BB to perform the work. So, BB 'repaired' the 'broken pipe'. However, after cutting through the custom cabinetry and breaking the concrete foundation, they discovered there was actually P-trap and there was NO broken pipe, which they thought was broken because they saw standing water, which is what should indeed be seen with a P-trap as that is it's intended function. The plumber then tried to explain away his incorrect diagnosis going on about how P-traps are more commonly in the ground for showers and tubs, and in the North for kitchen islands. Further searching on Google, it doesn't appear to be all that uncommon for a P-trap to also be used for island kitchen sink P-traps as I very quickly (i.e. first page) found a diagram that shows an island with a below ground p-trap...

So, $1800 later ($1,775.40), the my custom island cabinetry was cut into, my concrete foundation was broken into, and the P-Trap was unnecessarily replaced.

I feel quite certain that if BB had their Small camera in working order, they could have properly diagnosed the issue with there being no water standing once got through the P-trap.

After paying them, even though I was quite unsatisfied, but afraid they would put a lien on my home if I didn't, I contacted BB management who claimed they had to replace the P-trap because it was not in Code. This was absurd because they would be claiming every 'drain' that they cleared had to be left in code. Subsequently they, clarified that it it would be 'Repairs', NOT the DRAIN that was cleaned that has to in code. Also, he agreed that if the plumber had simply run some water through the drain, they would have been able to tell that the drain was unclogged,.

I consulted with an attorney to prepare a suit for small claims court but decided against further action for now because of the cost and effort to hire an expert witness (i.e. another certified Master Plumber) to testify on my behalf, which is not recoverable.

Hopefully me sharing my very bad experience may help you in the future make a more informed decisions than I did.


Gerard, we are sorry to hear that you were not 100% satisfied with your experience with our company. Although the original diagnosis was not one hundred percent correct, the actual service invoice was corrected prior to you acknowledging and signing for the work performed. As was proven by several other plumbing contractors you had out to your home, this was not an easily diagnosed issue. Once we were able to open up the ground, we were able to find the issue and correct it at a fraction of the cost that others had quoted (one competitor’s estimate was $9,200). Our final invoice is completely accurate, and our plumbers had you sign to authorize the performance of the work, as well as the satisfactory completion of the work and the price that was agreed upon. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business, but it appears we aren’t the best choice for you.