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July 11, 2020
On this episode meet the host of Texas Storytellers, Terry Woods and Mark Hayter. They will talk about their background, how they met and even read a story from Mark.
Texas Storytellers - 001
July 19, 2020
Something about Toilet Paper... and empty shelves. We will read an article that Mark Hayter wrote 'Don't Mess With Our Toilet Paper' (Published March 12, 2020) and other stories told by Mark and Terry: Toilet Paper and Angel Hair Pasta
Texas Storytellers - 002 - Something about Toilet Paper
July 26, 2020
It Happened in Texas By James A. Crutchfield Publish by Two Dot Books 2007 Historical events mixed with humor, 33 Interesting stories about Texas.
Texas Storytellers - 003 - It Happened in Texas
August 01, 2020
Terry and Mark continue reading 3 or 4 stories by W. F. Strong from Stories with a Texas Flair from Texas Standard Daily News.
Texas Storytellers - 004 - Stories with a Texas Flair
August 08, 2020
Our take on Texas Stories from Texas Standard Daily News By W. F. Strong. One story from the Mark Hayter collection. He once asked his mom to write her story and she did. He encourages other moms, dads, grandparents to write their story to pass on.
Texas Storytellers - 005 - Our take on Texas Stories
August 22, 2020
Terry and Mark have some very special guest, Beverly J. Irby, Ed.D, and Dr. Rafael Lara-Alecio. They are here to introduce their new book to help young people understand this 2020 Pandemic called 'There is No Monster Outside, It’s a Virus.'
Texas Storytellers - 007 -There's No Monsters Outside
August 29, 2020
All the way from Australia and Shenandoah Tx, Terry and Mark are joined with Susan Bank and Josh McConnell. They are the author and illustrator of the book 'Catland' The book for everyone who's furious with politics today and ready to #PullTheThread
Texas Storytellers - 008 - Catland
September 12, 2020
'Why is it some days everything works out, and some days nothing works out' - from 'The Trip To Bountiful' by Horton Foote. Terry Woods and Guest host Dixie Cooper, read about small town Texas from writer, Horton Foote.
Texas Storytellers - 009 - A Bountiful Episode
September 19, 2020
Continue talking about small town Texas through the eyes of Horton Foote. One popular screenplay he wrote was 1918. The discussion continues about the Texas playwright.
Texas Storytellers - 010 - Small Town with Foote
September 26, 2020
Terry Woods and Dixie Cooper read some Screen Plays, and do a reading form The Reunion, by Dixie Cooper
Texas Storytellers - 011 - Reunited Again
October 03, 2020
The Reunion Part Two: Terry Woods and Dixie Cooper will to a theatre reading with cast members from Dixie's play. Donna Gyling and Evelyn Goldstein join us to talk about how the play came to be and to portray a scene or two.
Texas Storytellers - 012 - The Reunion Part Two
October 15, 2020
Terry Woods treks out to the Texas Renaissance Festival to find living dynamic Texas Storytellers and hear their stories. You will get to hear amazing music from Dublin Harpers and get to meet the Washing Well Wenches... Special Thank to
Texas Storytellers - 013 - The Texas Renaissance Festival
November 07, 2020
Kids Learn More when they can lead the way. Todd Nesloney wrote the book When Kids Lead. Kids have a brighter future when they can gain confidence and self worth
Texas Storytellers - 014 - When Kids Lead
November 22, 2020
Stories from Webb by Todd Nesloney. Today we are featuring a second book by Todd Nesloney. This book is a collection of stories by teachers and for teachers.. In our discussion we celebrate and thank teachers. We also thank parents, grandparents...
Texas Storytellers - 015 - Stories from Webb
January 16, 2021
Families these days are closer than ever. But we all know 'Good Families Don't Just Happen' which is also the title of our book and stories for this week. The book was written by Catherine Musco Garcia-Pratts, Joseph A. Garcia-Pratts, with...
Texas Storytellers - 017 - Good Families Don't Just Happen
January 30, 2021
This is the second time we are talking about big families and how they really happen. Cathy Musco Garcia-Pratts is our guest today. She is here to talk about her books, publishing company and the school she started. Welcome, Cathy Garcia-Pratts.
Texas Storytellers - 018 - Cathy Musco Garcia-Pratts
February 20, 2021
This episode piggybacks from the book Good Families Don't Just Happen By Cathy Garcia Pratts. Dixie and Terry talk about their fathers who both served in World War 11. One in the battle of Midway and the other in Northern Italy. Dixie's father is...
Texas Storytellers - 019 - Their Fathers
April 03, 2021
Christine Brooks is with Terry Woods and Dixie Cooper to read and talk about he book Gardening Gnomes. The whimsical characters in her book tell a story and show young readers about planting and the benefits of gardening. Enjoy this episode.
Texas Storytellers - 020 - Christine Brooks
December 16, 2020
This is the beginning of a special Christmas series of Texas Storytellers. We start off with Terry Woods reading a community submission from Kayla Adams called 'Christmas on Raconteur'. Then Mark Hayter reads 'Mrs B Christmas Play'
December 17, 2020
On this special Christmas series of Texas Storytellers, we start off with Terry Woods reading a community submission from John Mccuan called 'The Bell'. Then Mark Hayter reads 'Tasty Freeze' a story written by Mark Hayter in his new book.