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Video Name: Taste Buds - 013 - Schilleci's New Orleans Kitchen
Category: The Taste Buds
Tags: Anthony, cajun, chef Wayne, food, foodie, Kitchen...
Description: Chef Wayne and Anthony take trip to 'New Orleans', cooking.. at 'the only true sit down cajun New Or...
Video Name: Taste Buds - 017 - Uni Sushi
Category: The Taste Buds
Tags: chop sticks, food, foodie, local g, subtle foodie, sushi...
Description: Anthony and Wayne meet up with Tessa at Uni Sushi on Market Street to check out the food, learn abou...
Video Name: Taste Buds - 022 - Toffee Cellar
Category: The Taste Buds
Tags: food, foodie, subtle foodie, taste buds, toffee, toffee cellar...
Description: Anthony and Chef Wayne are back in the kitchen, the kitchen at Toffee Cellar with Robin Marshal
Displaying : 1 - 3 of 3  

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