Signs of a Potential Locksmith Fraud

By: Dawson Security Group | Published 10/10/2023


There are a number of easy ways to spot signs which can help you avoid becoming a victim of locksmith fraud. Is their Address Legitimate? Is their website listed? Check their accreditation. If you cannot find a legitimate address and an established and verified web presence, there is every chance that you are dealing with a fraudulent company or technician.
Are they Licensed and Operating under a Registered Business Name?  If you ask for a price estimate and they quote a ridiculously low rate, it’s a red flag. Ask them if they will be able to provide a written estimate before going ahead with the task. Inform them that you will check the ID of the onsite lock technician – legitimate and certified locksmiths will have no issues with the request. Locksmith fraud can cost you 10x the amount what a legitimate locksmith would charge you. Do not become a victim of Locksmith Fraud. Call your trusty Dawson Locksmith today 281-364-0500

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