Gardening in January in The Woodlands

By: Lawn Ranger Company, Inc. | Published 01/01/2024


Greetings from the entire team at Lawn Ranger Company! As we bid farewell to a challenging 2023, we eagerly step into 2024 with hopes for a happier, better, and healthier year. Despite the struggles, we find ourselves surrounded by gratitude, particularly for our valued customers who entrusted us with the care of their properties.

As we embark on a new year, let's delve into the realm of January gardening, where the cool temperatures and occasional rainfall provide a respite for both plants and gardeners.

Colorful Beginnings:
The reduced need for heavy watering this month is a welcome relief. With lower evaporation rates, monitor rainfall for flower beds with annual color plants, which tend to dry out faster. While turf grass remains relatively self-sufficient, ensure the soil stays moist, not soaked. Don't neglect container plants—keep them consistently moist, all the way to the bottom of the root ball.

Pest Watch:
January brings a reprieve from major pest issues, but keep an eye out for aphids if the weather remains mild.

Turf TLC:
Guard against soil erosion during heavy winter rains by loosening the soil and scattering ryegrass seeds over bare areas. Ryegrass acts as a stabilizer, preventing soil washouts.

Perennial Moves:
This month offers an excellent opportunity to envision new locations for perennials in your landscape. Move them now and witness their potential in different settings. Prune dormant perennials, removing old and dead portions to maintain an attractive garden.

Rose Resurgence:
Late December through early February marks the ideal time for planting new rose bushes or transplanting existing ones. Be cautious during transplanting—prune appropriately, ensure the roots remain moist, and plant without allowing them to dry out.

Shrubs in Slumber:
With shrubs in dormancy, January is perfect for transplanting. Avoid planting right after rain or before a hard freeze to ensure optimal conditions. Consider applying horticultural oil spray to scale-prone shrubs like camellias, hollies, magnolias, euonymus, privets, and cleyera.

Tree Planting Bliss:
Take advantage of January's leafless deciduous trees by planting them during their dormancy. Seize the opportunity to establish these trees in the ground, setting the stage for a flourishing landscape.

As we embrace the new year, let's cultivate our gardens with care, appreciating the dormant beauty that January brings. Wishing you a year filled with vibrant blooms, thriving landscapes, and the joy of nurturing nature!

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