Embracing Love and Blooms: A February Gardening Guide

By: Lawn Ranger Company, Inc. | Published 02/01/2024


In the spirit of the Love Month, the team at Lawn Ranger Company extends heartfelt wishes for a year filled with blessings. As February unfolds, love takes center stage, and what better way to express it than through the timeless symbol of affection – roses. Join us on a journey through the art of planting, nurturing, and embracing the beauty of roses in your landscape this season.

Planting Roses:
February marks the ideal time to plant or transplant roses. For a flourishing rose garden, choose well-prepared beds with excellent drainage and ample sunlight. Ensure the top of the root ball aligns with the bed soil level, promoting optimal growth. Good air circulation is key, so avoid overcrowding by trimming back neighboring plants encroaching on your rose bushes.

Watering Tips:
Established roses may not demand much watering this month, but maintaining consistently moist soil is crucial. Newly planted roses, on the other hand, require thorough watering. Keep a vigilant eye on your garden's hydration needs, adjusting water levels accordingly.

Pruning and Fertilizing:
Show some love to your established roses by pruning and fertilizing in February. Combat black-spot issues by collecting and disposing of yellowing leaves throughout the growing season. This proactive approach ensures a vibrant and healthy rose display in the coming months.

Perennial Planting:
While fall is the preferred season for perennial planting, don't fret if you missed the window. February is still an opportune time for major planting endeavors. Monitor soil moisture closely, especially during cool and moist weather, and remove old, dead growth promptly to encourage new, healthy shoots.

Revitalizing Flowering Plants:
As March and April approach, boost the vibrancy of cool-season bedding plants with a well-deserved fertilizer application. Keep an eye on nitrogen-hungry plants like pansies, adding supplements as needed. Whether you're in the town or country, these colorful blooms are sure to brighten your garden – just beware of deer with a taste for "Pansy Salad" in rural settings.

Turf Grass Care:
Over-seeded lawns create a lush green backdrop for spring flowers. Regular mowing is essential to maintain the emerald beauty and prevent Rye grass from matting up. A weekly mow ensures an attractive and well-kept lawn.

Shrub and Tree TLC:
Winter is the perfect time to apply horticultural oil sprays to scale-prone shrubs, such as Camellias, Hollies, Magnolias, Euonymus, Privets, and Cleyera. Combat whiteflies on Gardenias with oil sprays. For trees, the planting season is drawing to a close, making it the opportune time for balled-and-burlapped trees. However, container-grown trees can still be successfully planted in the upcoming months.

As you immerse yourself in the joys of February and the Love Month, let your garden become a testament to the enduring beauty of roses and the care bestowed upon it. From roses to perennials, shrubs, and trees, each facet of your garden deserves attention and affection during this season of love. Happy gardening!

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