What's open and closed this Presidents Day Monday

By: Woodlands Online | Published 02/19/2024


Today, Monday, February 19, is Presidents Day. Here's what's closed today for Woodlanders:

  • All of the public and most of the private schools
  • Banks (in-person only; most banks still will conduct online, mobile, and ATM transactions like business as usual)
  • Post offices
  • District courts and most state and local courthouses
  • Most county offices (today is an official Montgomery County holiday)
  • Most state offices
  • Federal governmental offices
  • The stock market

Restaurants, malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, and businesses for the most part are open as usual; in fact, many stores and shops are offering special PD sales, so get out there -- even on your lunch hour if you're working -- to snag some offers!

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