Adriatic Cafe & Italian Grill now open in Shenandoah

By: Woodlands Online | Published 04/17/2024


The latest addition to the Adriatic Cafe family has opened today at its location at 17825 I-45 S, in Shenandoah. The genesis of the restaurant came more than two decades ago, when Ekrem Hyseni and Alban Bulliqi came to America from Albania with their families.

Ekrem learned much about the art of Italian cooking after working for years in the kitchens of Venice, Italy. He learned to sauté chicken and seafood, and the art of many savory sauces. With this experience, he has been able to create his own authentic and amazing versions of popular Italian dishes.

While attending school here in Houston, Alban began working in the pizza industry. Through his experience he has mastered his own dough recipe and authentic pizza sauce that we all enjoy today.

Because of these personal experiences, their in-laws encouraged Ekrem and Alban to open a family owned and operated Italian restaurant. This was the birth of Adriatic Cafe &  Italian Grill.

This is the fourth location of the restaurant. Check out their menu at

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