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Posted Sun, Jun 20, 2021
Our furry friends are just as much a part of our family as their two-legged members are, but sometimes our pets can make keeping a clean home more challenging!
Posted Wed, Feb 24, 2021
Your home is where your heart- and life- is. A home makeover can give it a new, more exciting look that appeals to you and your family. Other reasons why you should consider a home makeover include increasing its value,
Posted Thu, Aug 02, 2018
Real estate agents offer up details about a property during open houses, such as the year a home was built, the price, amenities, and information about the neighborhood and school district.
Posted Thu, Aug 02, 2018
Some first-time homebuyers start off with a townhouse or a condo and then transition to a single-family home or a home with more square footage as their family’s needs change over time.
Posted Thu, Aug 02, 2018
So you have finally bought your dream home, and it’s everything it’s cracked out to be. It has ample space, a beautiful kitchen, and if you’re fortunate enough, a well-maintained central air conditioning system. Life is indeed good.
Posted Thu, Aug 02, 2018
How to Be Courteous With Home Projects Home Improvement 12 July 2018 How to Be Courteous With Home Projects Routine outdoor maintenance and home renovations can greatly improve the appearance of your property. Some projects can even add to y...
Posted Thu, Aug 02, 2018
In the summer, we love spending time on the beach and soaking in the sun. However, when we’re not anywhere near any swimming spot, the only thing most of us would love to do is stay indoors because of the intense summer heat. Summers are getting...
Posted Thu, Aug 02, 2018
Some people believe that getting a mortgage is the hardest part of a home purchase. But if you meet our income and credit requirements for a particular loan, and you have cash for a down payment and closing costs, the difficult part might actual...
Posted Thu, Aug 02, 2018
Closing day is finally here. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a first home or your second or third home, you’re no doubt excited and ready to sign the mortgage documents and take possession of your property.
Posted Thu, Aug 02, 2018
After years of saving and planning, it’s finally time to move forward with a home purchase. You look at properties with a real estate agent, and you eventually find a home that’s perfect for your family. You are ready to make an offer, but can y...
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