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Posted Thu, Feb 22, 2024
Is shrimp high in cholesterol? How much cholesterol is in an egg?
Posted Fri, Feb 16, 2024
If you have an uncomfortable sensation of tightness or fullness in your face, particularly around the eyes, forehead and nose, you might be dealing with
Posted Fri, Feb 09, 2024
As a somewhat rare defensive scoring play, we may not see a safety this Super Bowl Sunday. Hopefully, however, we'll see plenty of safety — food safety, specifically
Posted Thu, Feb 08, 2024
Colon cancer is the fourth most common cancer in men and women, according to the American Cancer Society. The risk of developing it increases with age
Posted Wed, Jan 31, 2024
My first exposure to cold plunges was seeing a picture of a friend floating in a lake on a cold January day. To be honest, I was a little taken aback.
Posted Wed, Jan 24, 2024
There are two types of people in this world: Those who know where their nearest lip balm is stashed at all times (and, in fact, have lip balm stashes
Posted Wed, Jan 17, 2024
It's customary to wash certain items in our home after every use, like dinner plates. Removing debris and residue doesn't just keep dishes looking visibly clean, it removes the microbes
Posted Thu, Jan 11, 2024
If you're accustomed to keeping tissues nearby, you're likely familiar with the distracting, uncomfortable, irritating, and inconvenient nature of a congested nose.
Posted Tue, Jan 09, 2024
Running is a popular form of exercise since it can be as easy as putting on running shoes and going outside. But life can get in the way — juggling work, family
Posted Thu, Jan 04, 2024
The hardest part of doing anything new is almost always getting started, and exercising is no exception.
Posted Wed, Dec 20, 2023
Sleep can be elusive for a number of reasons. Sometimes you actively avoid it, like when you sacrifice an hour or two to watch
Posted Mon, Dec 18, 2023
Holiday season. These two words bring up many images and memories of traditions and gatherings with family and friends.
Posted Thu, Dec 14, 2023
Sometimes eating too much is simply an instance of your eyeballs growing bigger than your stomach at a buffet, potluck, party or holiday meal.
Posted Thu, Dec 07, 2023
It's easy to fall out of your usual routine around the holidays. For some, this is a refreshing change of pace. For others, this means more opportunities for the healthy habits
Posted Mon, Dec 04, 2023
If you haven't experienced eye floaters yet in your life, it's likely just a matter of time before you will. Eye floaters can appear as specks, circles, threads or cobwebs of different shapes and sizes.
Posted Thu, Nov 30, 2023
Fall and winter months can mean cold and flu time. If you've already been struck by one of these illnesses, you may have gone to a doctor and received the usual,
Posted Wed, Nov 22, 2023
When it comes to poultry preferences, we all have our personal favorite: white turkey meat or dark turkey meat. And there's no time like holidays to debate which is best.
Posted Tue, Nov 14, 2023
When it comes to holiday food spreads, nothing compares to the traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner.
Posted Tue, Nov 07, 2023
We tend not to think about our health until something feels off. Chest pain might be a sign the heart isn't functioning correctly.
Posted Thu, Nov 02, 2023
Breast cancer is the second-most common cancer diagnosed in women, but it's not all bad news. For starters, this cancer is being caught earlier than ever thanks to annual mammograms starting at age 40.
Posted Tue, Oct 31, 2023
It's easy to get overwhelmed shopping for almost anything these days. Choosing running shoes is no different — there's no
Posted Thu, Oct 26, 2023
If you're struggling with unexplained fatigue or weakness and looking for the root cause, you may find yourself wondering if low iron could be the culprit.
Posted Fri, Oct 20, 2023
You've likely heard about the Mediterranean diet enough by now to make you curious what all the fuss is about.
Posted Tue, Oct 17, 2023
Two outs, two strikes and there’s a runner on third. You’re at the edge of your seat (maybe not even in it at this point), you’re shaking, palms clenched and sweaty, stomach full of butterflies
Posted Thu, Oct 12, 2023
Many of us will head outside to watch the sun as it’s eclipsed by the moon this Saturday. It’s a visually stunning phenomenon, but looking at the sun doesn't become any safer during a partial solar eclipse.
Posted Thu, Oct 05, 2023
With cooler weather headed our way, you might finally feel ready to enjoy some of your favorite fall dishes.
Posted Tue, Sep 26, 2023
The threats will be all around this respiratory season — which typically begins in the fall and continues through early spring.
Posted Thu, Sep 21, 2023
When you think of a snack, what's the first thing that comes to mind?
Posted Mon, Sep 18, 2023
If you're a frequent exerciser, pain likely isn't a foreign concept to you. Achy knees, tight calves, hamstring soreness that goes on for days — you've likely dealt with (and exercised through) it all.
Posted Thu, Sep 14, 2023
Colds come with a slew of symptoms, including runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, headache, body aches and even mild fever.
Posted Wed, Sep 06, 2023
When you're constipated, there's no ignoring it.
Posted Thu, Aug 24, 2023
Your child experiences many new things as they head back to school: New teachers. New classrooms. New germs. Here are ways to protect your kid from the most common illnesses picked up at school.
Posted Thu, Aug 17, 2023
As a kid, you probably chose — or tried to choose — the sweetest cereal possible. Chocolate for breakfast!
Posted Thu, Aug 10, 2023
There's a prevailing belief — resignation might be the better word — that menstruation brings some level of discomfort. The problem, however, is that painful periods
Posted Thu, Jul 27, 2023
When planning to be out in the heat, especially when it's particularly scorching outside, there are some obvious things to think about, like how you plan to stay hydrated and whether there will be shade.
Posted Thu, Jul 20, 2023
As far as simple pleasures go, popping a tab on a can of soda and hearing that sound ranks pretty high.
Posted Sun, Jul 16, 2023
It's no secret that hydration plays an important role in exercise. But knowing how much water you need to stay hydrated isn't a simple matter — especially
Posted Thu, Jul 13, 2023
The snow cone in your hand is delightfully cold. You take a big bite, only to regret it immediately — here comes the brain freeze
Posted Mon, Jul 10, 2023
When you live in city where the summers are always hot, it can be easy to disregard the heat and humidity while making outdoor plans.
Posted Thu, Jun 29, 2023
No Fourth of July celebration feels complete without fireworks — whether you're watching them as part of a citywide celebration or setting them off at home.
Posted Tue, Jun 20, 2023
What you're most focused on during a workout is probably the burn you feel or the resistance you're working against. Unless you're really out of breath,
Posted Thu, Jun 15, 2023
Many of the foods available today are processed. But this is a general term that can mean many things, ranging from minimally processed to ultra-processed and everything in between. Not all foods that undergo processing harm our health, so some ...
Posted Thu, Jun 08, 2023
More than 50% of adults have trouble falling or staying asleep at least a few times per week. Yikes.
Posted Tue, Jun 06, 2023
There's nothing quite like getting out of your home or office and enjoying the great outdoors. Spending time in the sun, exploring the unknown and connecting with nature can feel like a breath of fresh air
Posted Thu, May 25, 2023
If you live in an area where mosquitos are prevalent, you know how important bug spray is during warmer months.
Posted Thu, May 04, 2023
Tacos can be the star of the show at any meal. But what's a taco without its tortilla?
Posted Mon, May 01, 2023
You've certainly heard of meditation — after all, it's been practiced by people all over the world for thousands of years.
Posted Thu, Apr 20, 2023
You may have resolved to lose some of that belly fat because you think it looks unattractive.
Posted Mon, Apr 17, 2023
Is shrimp high in cholesterol? How much cholesterol is in an egg?
Posted Thu, Apr 06, 2023
Inflammation is part of your body's natural defense against things that adversely affect your health, like bacteria and viruses.
Posted Thu, Mar 30, 2023
Magnesium plays many important roles in the body, supporting muscle function, bone health, energy production, nerve signaling, heart rhythm and more. But does getting enough of this essential mineral require taking a supplement?.
Posted Wed, Mar 29, 2023
They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what about a glass of apple cider vinegar?
Posted Mon, Mar 20, 2023
Your first thought when your feel an itch or tickle at the back of your throat is likely: Is it COVID-19 or allergies?
Posted Thu, Mar 02, 2023
Is shrimp high in cholesterol? How much cholesterol is in an egg?
Posted Thu, Jul 21, 2022
Every day can feel like a scorcher during the summer months. And it’s important to take the heat seriously since overheating can pose a risk to your health.
Posted Thu, Dec 30, 2021
This new year, you may be considering an alcohol detox by way of what the Internet calls 'Dry January' — a health trend where you go straight from ringing in the new
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