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Posted Fri, Jan 28, 2022
As we draw to the conclusion of our Taste of the Town tour this year, we hit a couple of restaurants that prove that great things come in spall packages: Mia's Table at 18450 I-45 in Shenandoah, and Nona's Italian Grill - The Woodlands at 3091 C...
Posted Wed, Jan 26, 2022
With an extensive list of restaurants to visit on The Taste of The Town tour, it is nice to be able to group locations together in one day to maximize your time when venturing out on the town. We recommend grouping together, Tailgators Pub & Gri...
Posted Mon, Jan 24, 2022
The Woodlands Online Taste of the Town Tour continues! This time, we hit a couple of disparate dining locations that cover the gastric range: Main Squeeze, and Cupcakes & Bubbles.
Posted Wed, Jan 19, 2022
As part of our Taste of the Town tour, we hit two additional local businesses this week: Press Waffle Co., and Artisan Culture Coffee.
Posted Mon, Jan 17, 2022
Sometimes, the ambience of a restaurant seems to transport your imagination to another place. It is a wonderful experience that gives your taste buds a glorious destination to accompany the exceptional food and drink. Woodlands Online recently v...
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