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Posted Fri, Jan 26, 2024
Most Americans are familiar with what dentists do thanks to regular visits to get their teeth cleaned and periodic work
Posted Thu, Dec 14, 2023
The holiday season often brings joy, celebration, and quality time with friends and loved ones. Amid the festive spirit,
Posted Wed, Oct 12, 2022
While many dentists recommend having wisdom teeth removed, not everyone needs to have this procedure.
Posted Fri, Jul 29, 2022
If you put stock in the adage that it is best to “believe none of what you hear and believe half of what you see” then what are we to make of medical advice from TikTok users?
Posted Thu, Sep 01, 2022
While most patients that have their wisdom teeth removed are under the age of 25, older adults, even AARP card carrying members,
Posted Fri, Jul 16, 2021
Wisdom teeth removal surgery is an outpatient procedure that removes the back molars, also called wisdom teeth. Outpatient surgery means you will arrive and leave the facility on the same day, with no overnight stay. While the procedure itself i...
Posted Mon, Jun 14, 2021
When it comes to the human body some things just seem so random. Take wisdom teeth, for example, those late-blooming third molars that humans, frankly, no longer require the services of.
Posted Tue, Mar 09, 2021
When you’re facing oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal, you want to choose the best time. Wisdom teeth removal will necessitate some recovery time, so you should consider times when you won’t have other obligations like work or school. Followi...
Posted Mon, May 25, 2020
Your wisdom teeth are located in the very back of your mouth, and if they're starting to cause pain it’s probably time to have them looked at
Posted Thu, Jul 18, 2019
Wisdom teeth surgery is a common, out-patient surgical procedure using IV anesthesia for the purpose of extracting third molars. Most wisdom teeth removals cause relatively minor discomfort and very few complications. Nevertheless, proper care a...
Posted Mon, Jan 07, 2019
There are a few reasons why your wisdom teeth might be hurting you, but most of the time the answer is simple: wisdom teeth removal is needed. If your wisdom teeth are starting to cause pain, it’s time to have them looked at and figure out what ...
Posted Wed, Dec 26, 2018
Wisdom teeth surgery can be a scary proposition for many young patients who have never undergone IV anesthesia or any type of surgery. At Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we encourage our patients to have confidence that all will be okay ...
Posted Mon, Jul 23, 2018
Wisdom teeth removal surgery is an oral surgery procedure where the third molars — more commonly called wisdom teeth — are removed.
Posted Tue, May 29, 2018
Wisdom teeth are often problematic because the jaw simply isn’t big enough to adequately accommodate them after they erupt.
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