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Posted Mon, Nov 18, 2019
In case you didn’t know you had one, you are the proud owner of a pair of plantar fascia. What is the plantar fascia? Why is this relevant to me? Does it come with an owner’s manual?
Posted Wed, Jul 17, 2019
The ability to perform a squat is essential in today’s society. It is used in order to pick up something from the floor, get into and out of a chair or bed, and is required in most sporting events. If an individual does a squat incorrectly, th...
Posted Mon, May 20, 2019
Getting a charley horse can affect many different types of people every day, from the marathon runner to your grandmother. If you have ever had a charley horse you know the debilitating feeling of the sudden tightening of your muscle which can l...
Posted Mon, Jan 21, 2019
The population in America is aging. People are living longer and the baby boomers are increasing our senior population. As we age, our bodies and physical abilities change. We lose muscle mass, our joints become less flexible, and our balan...
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