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Posted Wed, Nov 30, 2022
The holidays are one of the best times of the year. It usually means celebrating with family, getting together with friends, or even traveling long distances. With all the excitement going on, it’s essential to keep safety at the forefront.
Posted Mon, Nov 07, 2022
Gas prices around the world are at an all-time high, and drivers are feeling the pinch at the pump. What can we do to conserve fuel and save some money? Drive less, ride a bike, take public transportation? Short of buying an electric vehicle,
Posted Tue, Oct 25, 2022
Here are some of the things you can do to ensure improved gas mileage for your car:
Posted Thu, Oct 06, 2022
When your car battery dies, a jump-start might be the solution to get you back on the road again. Don't wait until you are in a position where your car won't start to figure out what you need to do.
Posted Mon, Sep 19, 2022
The air conditioning and heating system can be one of the most used and often overlooked systems in a vehicle. When the auto A/C isn't functioning properly, driving in the midst of summer or winter weather can be particularly uncomfortable.
Posted Mon, Sep 05, 2022
When you become a vehicle owner, one of the most essential parts of this journey to ensure road safety is maintaining your vehicle.
Posted Wed, Aug 17, 2022
Your car is likely the second largest investment you're likely to make, so preserve its value and your safety by having it repaired professionally at Milstead Collision.
Posted Fri, Jul 22, 2022
Your car's tires need proper inflation to carry the weight of the vehicle. Proper inflation provides the appropriate load capacity and enhances the tire's performance and durability, in addition to improved fuel economy.
Posted Tue, May 31, 2022
Before hitting the open road, you should consider getting your car ready for the trip ahead. Unfortunate breakdowns and mishaps can happen at any time, and it is best to be prepared.
Posted Wed, Apr 20, 2022
It is highly recommended that for optimal safety and performance, the same tires should be placed on every wheel position on your car. Tires should be the same brand, size, tread pattern, load index, and speed rating on the front and rear. Misma...
Posted Sun, Apr 03, 2022
A car battery's primary purpose is to change chemical energy into electrical energy when starting the car’s ignition. The battery also plays a part in powering car accessories such as radio, clock, and alarm systems.
Posted Mon, Mar 07, 2022
Your tires play a crucial role in the safety and functionality of your vehicle. Proper tire maintenance is vital in preventing flats, enhancing road safety and improving gas mileage. During the colder months, tires will need routine inspection a...
Posted Thu, Feb 03, 2022
The new year is an excellent time for a fresh start. Let's not only think about our personal goals, such as hitting the gym or traveling. Make a resolution to take care of an important purchase that can be taken for granted - your car!
Posted Thu, Jan 06, 2022
The fuel filter is essential for optimal engine performance and just like most components in your vehicle, requires regular maintenance.
Posted Mon, Dec 20, 2021
With so many fuel options available at gas stations, how do you know which one to choose? Your vehicle needs fuel that is injected into the engine's cylinders to propel your vehicle. T
Posted Tue, Dec 14, 2021
Tire rotation or rotating tires is the the practice of moving automobile wheels and tires from one position on the car to another, to ensure even tire wear. Tire wear becomes uneven for any number of reasons. Even tire wear is necessary to maint...