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It has been a pleasure and a joy to serve on The WCA,TCID and Township boards.
Peggy Hausman
As a long-time resident of The Woodlands, I have seen our beautiful community grow and mature into a real hometown where people genuinely care about their fellow man, support our children and schools, worship freely and welcome newcomers.
Sally Bacon
Are you part of the 95% of registered voters in Montgomery County who do NOT vote in November odd year elections like the one set for November 3, 2015?
Amy Lecocq
It is an honor for me to endorse Ann Snyder as a candidate for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 6.
Dr. George Kaufman
I confidently recommend Dr. Ann Snyder for Position 6 of The Woodlands Township. Ann and her family have been residents of The Woodlands for 26 years.
Julia Dell
We support Dr. Ann Snyder for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors - Position 6.
Myrna and Gerald D. Irons, Sr.
I do not normally weigh in on elections pertaining to Boards on which I serve. But as I hear all the misinformation and uninformed assertions being spouted during this election, especially by the Texas Patriots (TPP) slate of candidates (McMullan, Bu
Mike Bass
Laura Fillault responds to posting on Bruce Tough's Facebook wall.
Paul Lazzaro
Is your favorite candidate a 12 or a 93? Those numbers clearly express the spread of rankings awarded to candidates running for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors.
Paul Lazzaro
Residents and media are curious about a new logo and slogan on campaign materials in this year’s Woodlands Township election.
Paul Lazzaro
Speaking before a sellout crowd, Republican Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, emphasized that people are tired of the political rhetoric.
J. Werner
Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, will speak before a sellout crowd at Conroe High School Thursday night, at 7:00 p.m.
Woodlands Online staff
With an important November election for The Woodlands Township coming up, I direct your attention to the so-called Voters Awareness Council (VAC).
Paul Lazzaro
The cold-blooded assassination of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth this past weekend as he was filling up his patrol car at a local gas station ought to be a wake-up call to all Americans.
U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady
Gordy Bunch, who launched the campaign that generated 5,000 signatures on a public petition that led to the rejection of the $350 million Montgomery County road bond by voters last May.
Paul Lazzaro
Social media is changing the local political arena Social media appears to be having a profound effect on the local political arena. For the second time in five months, Facebook has been leveraged to hold local politicians accountable. Online petitions have become virtual and effective change agents.
J. Werner
Our county commissioners and County Judge have proven to be tone deaf and politically clueless by first ignoring the will of the majority of county voters who defeated their May 9th Bond proposition, and now voting themselves a 10% pay increase.
Gordy Bunch
While traveling through New England en route for Canada last week, I came upon a cancer vigil/ceremony on the Bar Harbor Village Green in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Doug Sarant
A propaganda technique is an improper appeal to emotion used for the purpose of swaying the opinions of an audience.
Three types of projects can be combined to form a new road bond in a single afternoon, according to the group of community activists who successfully campaigned against the $350 million road bonds in the May election.
Paul Lazzaro