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Director Gordy Bunch says he is honored to be named by the preponderance of citizens and voters in an online poll recommending him as a candidate for Chairman of The Woodlands Township board.
Gordy Bunch
On his Elect Chuck Meyer Facebook Page, candidate Chuck Meyer Posted the following tongue-in-cheek Top Ten list of ways to support his campaign.
Committee to Elect Chuck Meyer
Yes, I am qualified to be a Township Director.
Laura Fillault
The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership (EDP) Board Of Directors voted at the October 22, 2015 Board Meeting to endorse both the Conroe Independent School District Bond and Montgomery County Road Bond in the current election.
Ellie Pfahl
Chuck Meyer stands for a non-politicized Township Board There is much chatter about the Tea Party Candidate and the Establishment Candidate in the race for The Township Board, Position 6. Let me provide you with an independent, non-politicized choice -- Chuck Meyer
Chuck Meyer
Several organizations in the area have publicly affirmed their “full support” for the Conroe Independent School District’s $487 million bond referendum appearing on the November 3 election ballot by issuing a support letter to the community.
The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce
To residents who I believe love The Woodlands and our continued progress as the best community to live, work, learn and play in.
Claude Hunter, Past Woodlands Township Board Director
As a resident of Creekside Village, I am concerned about the tone of the upcoming election for The Woodlands Township.
Jeff Shipley
With regards to the current episode involving The Texas Patriots PAC participation in the process by which the Montgomery County Commissioners Court placed a road bond referendum on the upcoming November elections, please consider the following.
Lloyd Matthews
As a seven year resident of the Village of Creekside Park, a founding member of the Creekside Park Village Association, and having served as its President for four years, I know that Dr. Snyder has what it takes to serve the needs of Creekside reside
Nancy Decker Lent
It has been a pleasure and a joy to serve on The WCA,TCID and Township boards.
Peggy Hausman
As a long-time resident of The Woodlands, I have seen our beautiful community grow and mature into a real hometown where people genuinely care about their fellow man, support our children and schools, worship freely and welcome newcomers.
Sally Bacon
Are you part of the 95% of registered voters in Montgomery County who do NOT vote in November odd year elections like the one set for November 3, 2015?
Amy Lecocq
It is an honor for me to endorse Ann Snyder as a candidate for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 6.
Dr. George Kaufman
I confidently recommend Dr. Ann Snyder for Position 6 of The Woodlands Township. Ann and her family have been residents of The Woodlands for 26 years.
Julia Dell
We support Dr. Ann Snyder for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors - Position 6.
Myrna and Gerald D. Irons, Sr.
I do not normally weigh in on elections pertaining to Boards on which I serve. But as I hear all the misinformation and uninformed assertions being spouted during this election, especially by the Texas Patriots (TPP) slate of candidates (McMullan, Bu
Mike Bass
Laura Fillault responds to posting on Bruce Tough's Facebook wall.
Paul Lazzaro
Is your favorite candidate a 12 or a 93? Those numbers clearly express the spread of rankings awarded to candidates running for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors.
Paul Lazzaro