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Gordy Bunch, who launched the campaign that generated 5,000 signatures on a public petition that led to the rejection of the $350 million Montgomery County road bond by voters last May.
Paul Lazzaro
Social media is changing the local political arena Social media appears to be having a profound effect on the local political arena. For the second time in five months, Facebook has been leveraged to hold local politicians accountable. Online petitions have become virtual and effective change agents.
J. Werner
Our county commissioners and County Judge have proven to be tone deaf and politically clueless by first ignoring the will of the majority of county voters who defeated their May 9th Bond proposition, and now voting themselves a 10% pay increase.
Gordy Bunch
While traveling through New England en route for Canada last week, I came upon a cancer vigil/ceremony on the Bar Harbor Village Green in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Doug Sarant
A propaganda technique is an improper appeal to emotion used for the purpose of swaying the opinions of an audience.
Three types of projects can be combined to form a new road bond in a single afternoon, according to the group of community activists who successfully campaigned against the $350 million road bonds in the May election.
Paul Lazzaro
Thursday night at Pct 3 Constable Ryan Gable’s Bar-B-Que Fundraiser at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Spring, an over-flow crowd was pleased, but not surprised, by the announcement that First Assistant District Attorney Phil Grant would seek the Rep
Marc Davenport
Timberlake Volunteer Fire Department unsupported for improved fire protection. Election Day was a great day for firefighters in Montgomery County. There’s power in numbers, but not enough numbers voted in favor of the proposition for ESD 14, for improved fire protection. The measure of difference...just fifteen votes.
J. Werner
Montgomery County citizens stand united in requesting the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to put forward a revised bond proposal for the November 2015 ballot
Statement from Steve Toth
The failure of the 2015 Montgomery County Road Bond serves as a deafening reminder to all elected officials to listen to the voice of the voters.
From the Desk of James Noack
Statement from Gordy Bunch to whose who campaigned against the road bonds. Statment by Gordy Bunch on behalf of the citizens group that successfully campaigned in opposition to the $350M Road Bonds...
Gordy Bunch
The hotly contested 2015 road bond election, which will take place on May 9, received a substantial show of support when the City of Shenandoah adopted the resolution proposed by the Keep Montgomery County Moving political action committee
Donna Wick
Support crosses county lines as area real estate experts encourage residents to vote FOR bond “This bond is a long-awaited action to addressing our traffic needs in Montgomery County so that we can continue to be an accessible community.” said Deborah Spangler 2015 HAR Montgomery County Political Affairs Advisory Leadership Chair.
Donna Wick
Brandon Sanson, spokesperson for the Timber Lakes Professional Firefighters PAC, wants to remind everyone that there is more on the ballot right now than just the road bond.
Timber Lakes Professional Firefighters PAC
County Judge Craig Doyal said he is confident the county can handle the $350 million bond debt with no tax rate impact - because it already has accomplished something similar over the previous decade.
Office of County Judge Craig Doyal
Current Montgomery County debt is second highest at $446,595,000 without any new debt.
Paul Lazzaro
“If timing is important in an election, we are right on schedule,” says Gordy Bunch, The Woodlands Township director.
Paul Lazzaro
The official voting day for the Montgomery County Road Bond Election is Saturday, May 9. However, for approximately half of the residents who vote in this election, they will have cast their votes long before then.
Donna Wick Publicity
The Houston Area REALTORS (HAR) Board of Directors recently endorsed the upcoming Montgomery County Road Bond election.
Donna Wick Publicity
Convenient ‘Ballots by Mail’ are still available for seniors over 65 for the May 9 election that will determine the fate of the $350 million road bonds issue.
Paul Lazzaro