Katy squeaks by The Woodlands football in final seconds

By: Kyle Roberts, Woodlands Online Sports
| Published 09/16/2017


KATY, Texas-- Legacy Stadium was the site for a dream high school football matchup as The Woodlands took on the Katy Tigers. Both teams came into this game with top ten rankings and this is always an exciting matchup every year.

The Highlanders made the first mark on the scoreboard right at the opening kick as Kesean Carter took it 104 yards all the way to the house. The Woodlands seemed a lot more energized to start the game off. Quinn Binney also started off the game well, completing a few key passes and even getting away from the pressure of the solid Katy front end.

Katy’s offense couldn’t seem to get anything going early. The Woodlands secondary and linebacker core held them to short yardage for most of the first quarter.

With 29 seconds remaining in the first quarter, Katy went for a fake punt on a 4th and five situation and The Woodlands front end stuffed the surprise play and the story of the first quarter remained the same.

Katy finally had their breakthrough as running back Josh Oglesby cruised right up the middle and took it 80 yards for a touchdown to tie it up with 9:50 left in the second quarter.

Both defenses held tough in the first half and neither offense really had a groove quite yet in the second quarter. Katy did show signs of breaking through with the run from Oglesby but not much was going well offensively.

With 7:13 left in the half Katy Quarterback Austin Marshall just missed the go ahead pass up top to his receiver. Katy also barely missed a field goal from almost 20 yards out, once again missing their chance to go ahead.

Katy’s defense kept being relentless as they forced a fumble with 3:22 left on the five yard line with yet another chance to go ahead. Josh Oglesby ran to the outside for a Katy touchdown with just over three minutes on the clock. Katy led 14-7 at the end of the second quarter.

At the half, Katy led 14-7 and both defenses looked very good in the first half. In the second half, The Woodlands key needed to be to get their passing game going and Katy needs to keep running the ball as it worked very effectively in the second quarter.

The Woodlands came out strong in the 3rd quarter with a beautiful pass play from Quinn Binney to Zayne Watson for 61 yards to tie it up with 9:19 left to play in the quarter. Binney looked very comfortable in the pocket and that play proved his poise. Later in the quarter, The Woodlands recovered a fumble that turned into a score with a one yard run by Lucas Summers. The Woodlands continued to control the game going into the 4th quarter as their defense dominated the struggling Katy offense.

Katy’s offense then brought in their powerhouse Deondick Glass for a 4th and 1 play that ended in a touchdown that tied the game up with 4:20 left to go in the game.

With 29 seconds left Katy recovers a fumble on the 24 yard line for the last possession. Katy ran the ball to get the clock down to two seconds. Katy chose to bring out their kicker Seth Small who made the game winning field goal. Katy won 24-21 in a classic game to say the least.

The Woodlands take on George Ranch next Friday at Woodforest stadium at 7:30 pm.

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