College Park Football open the season with 31 point victory

By: Andrea Villoria and Carlos Gosselin, Woodlands Online Sports
| Published 09/02/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas-- The Friday night lights surrounded the College Park Cavaliers in pregame drills, the Cavaliers looked focused and ready to battle. Its as if the Cavs bought all into the system and where ready for battle since they arrived at school that day, there was a big chemistry buzz in the air, kind of like the Phil Collins song. Before the game started, just watching Jake Hunnicutt warm up and get his troops, made me think they should have never been a thought that Jake wasn’t the right guy. The motivation and chemistry spread through the team and made it infectious before you knew it everything was going the College Park Cavaliers way.

Looking at the whole roster for College Park Cavaliers in pregame warmups, they definitely are one of the bigger teams, if not the biggest in the CISD. With new goals, Lonnie Madison and his Cavs traveled in a head to head game with the Aldine Davis Falcons. Both teams were looking to make a splash quickly in this game, and claim their ISD top spot off the jump. Getting that one on their record could mean everything with the season not going well for both teams in the 2016-2017. Last season The College Park Cavaliers and the Aldine Davis Falcons both consisted of 4 wins total,1 one those coming from College Park High School, 3 to the Aldine Davis Falcons.

From the minute it was kick off Quarterback Jake Hunnicutt started throwing the ball to (Tight End) Peyton Sobosle, UTSA commit, scoring the first touchdown of many for the Cavaliers. Followed up by that amazing touchdown to Sobosle, the Cavaliers showed major life on defense, filling in the right gaps on defense and form tackles by the secondary allowed the score to remain at zero for the Falcons. The game in the second quarter started with kicker Carson Mohr scoring his extra points making the score seven to zero. By the end of the second quarter, the defense had continued to keep the zero on the board and started taking the clock down as they handed the ball off, consequently to QuaJon Charles. As the clock ticked QuaJon Charles, made it his goal to wind the clock down, until he got into the end zone, pushing forward and scored a nice inside run, touchdown College Park High School.

Cason Mohr came out again to get the extra point, and to remain perfect for the night. Mohr is a name that needs to be spotlighted as the goal to remain perfect for him is off to an excellent season. Mohr scored all his extra points and going 1-1 on field goals for the night and a field goal was scored by Mohr putting the Cavaliers up 17-0 with the 3rd quarter running down to seconds. As the game continued to wind down in the fourth quarter, it seemed to be the same story for the Cavaliers as they kept up the defense and high-pressure offense, until it seemed to be too much for the Aldine Davis Falcon squad.

Another punt was sent into the Texas night and like that the Cavaliers continued to chew the clock and get the offense back on the turf as soon as possible.
Hunnicutt charged onto the field and lead his Cavs to a full fury execution. Lonnie Madison’s plan to take time off the clock by running the ball was genius and throwing quick slants while highlighting there star tight end is a bright chapter to these young Cavaliers. The game commenced at the Falcons 40 yard line and throwing quick passes again Hunnicutt, made it possible to stir fear in the defense eyes and another touchdown opportunity for the UTSA commit Peyton Sobosle popped up as they where now in scoring distance and in the red zone, Sobosle gets another pass on the inside of the hash marks for a Cavaliers touchdown.

Seconds before the buzzer rang for the fourth quarter to end, QuaJon Charles scored another touchdown, closing the door on the Falcons and leaving the final score at 31-0 Cavaliers. Seeing Lonnie Madison with that joy in his face meant the most to Cavalier fans, and kept them hopeful that this will be a different season. The team celebrated as in typical College Park tradition to sway to the student section with the band. The team yelled, hugged, and dapped up there teammates as they yelled their school song in high octaves. Every new season there is a new dog, and this victory showed that they can be the top dogs in the CISD, sitting 1-0 they lead the CISD.

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